Estate agent switching - Commision



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If im switching estate agents - my prior estate agent said they would provide a list of "viewers" to my new agent to ensure they gained the commission for any purchaser on that list.

Noting they said "viewers" verbally - but in contract it says anyone they "introduced or negotiated" with as regards my property.

Firstly - am I allowed to obtain that list off Agent1. myself to see?

Secondly - I've reached out to a second agent and they have approached me already, prior to markting, with a couple , who did enquire about my property with Agent 1. to view - but i refused, as they had neither marketed or sold their property - i was not provided their details.. They have now sold through agent 2 and have already put in an offer with Agent.2 (all happened very quickly) prior to any lists of names being sent which ive accpeted.

Will i now be liable to two fees if selling to this couple?

thanks kindly