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Hi I dont know if anyone assist in this issue.
I attempted to sell my property via a local high st agent - from novermber 2020 up until last month. Did succeed twice but chains fell through.
I've given notice to agent to end contract, no longer and marketing and that date ends in a few days.

In the meantime I have spoken to Agent B high st agent. to switch - but they have been abysmal , photographs poor , marketing not fit for purpose (the description of my house neglected several key factors and the rest was not a description of my property At all!?) I've not signed anything with them even though the took photos and created marketing and began to market unofficially. (i requested they cease to market as i did advise them my notice period was not complete with Agent A and id not signed anytning)

I have now receieved an offer for my property via a nearby neighbour , which I'm very happy to accept direct.
Agent A - this neighbour did approach them way back in november but they had not put their property up for sale, I was not advised their names or details but refused to have veiwers who hadn't sold .

Question 1. could i be in anyway liable to pay commission to Agent A on this basis.,

Agent B.
They did tell me a local couple in "named rd" were interestred in my property - again had not listed or sold their property, i said no, not interested in them viewing . 1 week later, couple listed and sold via Agent B.. Agent again asked if they can now view, but this coincided with the awful marketing - i think a ploy to push me to sell to them , no care about markerting. Double sale for them.
But, the neighbour who now approached me direct, is that couple who have used Agent 2. to sell their home and seek to view mine.

Q2. If I've not signed a contract with Agent 2 even though they have indicated the prospective buyer is in named rd and has sold through them - I would assume they cannot say they introduced me to them if i never met nor showed property and indeed i have no contract with them so could they request commision.

I would now plan to list with an online agency for free and go through due process to agree sale direct to make formal.

Any legal input would be appreciated.


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1. According to me, you are not liable to pay any kind of commission to agent A
2. If you don't have a contract then they can't request you to pay commission.