Esta Agent Descriptions



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Hi everyone

I was buying a property which was advertised with a courtyard and even had pictures in the details. Was told it had thru access to other properties in the terrace. However in the description it just says outside courtyard seating area.

I had a buildings survey on it and within the report the surveyor states that the vendor who was pesent told him that he does not own any part of the yard. He even told the surveyor that he had tried but failed to buy a part of the concrete yard.

Do I have any claim on this with the agent under the "Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008" as if I had known there was no outside space included I would not have viewed and spent money on a survey. Surely the vendor must have signed a draft contract?




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It will very much depend on what was advertised, how it was advertised and how it was phrased. If it was misleading you may have a case but it will probably be a long battle!


I would be interested to learn the level of protection given to potential buyers, and their costs, when faced with potentially misleading estate agent descriptions. Would you keep us up-to-date with this issue?