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Hi All,

Firstly an introduction.

My name is Colin Barrett-Treen, and I am the Managing Director of Green Horizons Property. We work in the international property marketplace and are involved in identifying and promoting environmentally friendly properties worldwide.

My passion here then is to discuss all things to do with property and the environment. Whether you are a developer who is building to environmentally friendly standards, an agent who sells "green" properties or a buyer who would love to buy them if only they knew where they could find them, then maybe this thread could interest you?

I would love to engage in some lively debate about the merits of properties being built to such standards. After all, here we are on an international property forum, where all of us are involved in international travel (damn those emmissions) and property contruction (damn those emmissions again). Are we maybe being a bit hypocritical and self righteous to be going on about building to high environmentally friendly standards?

I don't think so! Given that 80% of the worlds carbon emmissions come from the construction and lifecycle of buildings, I think it is vital that those of us involved in buying and selling properties around the globe should do something to reduce the negative effect we have on the environment.

If anything, we have a greater responsibility than anyone else!

What do you think?

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