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English speaking Lawyer Alanya area

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by Lazylady, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Lazylady

    Lazylady New Member

    Help, Could anyone recommend a good English speaking lawyer in Turkey I need someone to help obtain a TAPU for me?

    Many thanks
  2. Steve Hand

    Steve Hand New Member

    Lazylady - where have you bought and how long have you been waiting for your Tapu?
  3. Lazylady

    Lazylady New Member

    Alanya around 4 years, The agent went bust and the owner is never at the site hence a lawyer is needed!

  4. montyboy

    montyboy New Member

    I am new member here and have similar issues, and some others that I need to try and resolve.

    Would be grateful if you could help and advise me of a good property lawyer in Alanya.

    many thanks
  5. The Association

    The Association New Member

    Good news

    Hi everyone, there is an association called ' Solidarity with British ' based in Didim. It is the only one in Turkey providing free help and advice regarding any issues that British people might be having. Any questions from schooling to Medical issues, Wills to Title Deed problems. Feel free to contact. 0090-256-8110810 between 9am-5pm
  6. karatasmurat

    karatasmurat New Member

    You can search it from internet that will be better
  7. johnnush

    johnnush New Member

    If you are looking for an English speaking lawyer in Alanya, the keywords at the belowing will be useful for you:


    Best regards.
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