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Emirates City_Ajman

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by smile99931, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. smile99931

    smile99931 New Member

    Dear all,

    I am asking if any one have any information about Emirates City in Ajman.

    Is it free hold?

    Is it good to buy units in it nowadays?



  2. Ali786

    Ali786 New Member

    Ajman is a good buy at the moment especially downtown Ajman. Check your PM for a site which help you to decide.
  3. smile99931

    smile99931 New Member

    Thanks Ali786 for your replying and PM.

    I am looking for more information from other members.

  4. soheb75

    soheb75 New Member

    Emirates City is a good place to buy & invest,but i think if u look to a nearby Humaid City is better.
    Prices are little more in Humaid City than Emirates City, i bought a 1 bedroom unit in Flacon Tower,Humaid City earlier in April'08.
    Good luck to u all,,,

  5. TheHaider

    TheHaider New Member

    Lakeview Tower Emirates City

    Hi All

    Nobody predicts the future correctly but one can only guess in the light of previous experiences and other happenings in the surroundings etc.

    I got a 1 bedroom flat in Lakeview Tower in Emirates City at a price of 575 per sq ft. Hope it is a good buy? I was told that prices will shoot after end of Ramadhan as it happened last year.

    Good luck to all of you...:)
  6. soheb75

    soheb75 New Member

    I think the price you mentioned is too high for Emirates City, in my knowledge the price right now ranging between 480 to 520/sqft. depends on development,floor,construction progress >>>

    I have two 1 bedroom flats in Humaid City which i bought earlier in pre-launch period for Dhs. 430/sqft. Im offering one of them for sale for Dhs.500/sqft.
  7. InfoGuru

    InfoGuru New Member

    Emirates City and the nearby Emirates Lakes Towers are the prime areas within this area of New Ajman.
    The master developer of this is 'R Holding'. The R stands for prince Rashid, the emir's son and it was one of the first developments announced in New Ajman and is likely to be ready first.
    Construction on many of the towers has already started whereas in other 'cities' this has not begun. It is a good place to buy.
  8. Crofty2000

    Crofty2000 New Member

    When are the towers in Emirates City going to be ready for occupation. I have seen literature saying End 2010. Is this correct. Others are saying that things may be delayed becasue of utility (electricity) supply issues.
  9. TheHaider

    TheHaider New Member


    Many thanks for your comments with regards to the Emirates City. Your positive feedback on Emirates City really made my day and of my other friends who invested in the area. I hope we all will still experience some appreciation in the prices in coming months.

    Best of luck ....:)
  10. Ali786

    Ali786 New Member

    Construction updates of emirates City and other projects in Ajman. More pictures available in same site

  11. iconoverseas

    iconoverseas New Member

    Fayrooz Tower in Emirates City is a good buy at AED 510 per square foot plus the payment plan is very good. I have bought in this tower. Emirates City is backed by R Holding as the Master Developer so this can be considered to be a big positive.PM for more info.
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