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Emirates City and Humaid City in Ajman

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Haider, May 5, 2008.

  1. Haider

    Haider New Member

    Ajman is the second Emirate after Dubai to introduce freehold property law as it looked quickly to capitalize on the interested generated in living in the U.A.E. Ajman has a wide range of property from which buyers can select. It is situated within commuting distance to Dubai. The location therefore gives you easy access to all that Dubai has to offer with its many shopping and entertainment areas, but allows you to live a more peaceful existence than you could expect in Dubai.

    The 75 percent of the buyers in Ajman realty are end-users and only 25 per cent investors, which reflect the security and stability of the market in the emirates of Ajman.

    Ajman continues with sharp rise in investor, preference for the emirate's properties in the backdrop of both residential and commercial projects offering very high returns

    Al Hambra mean the "Red Fortress“ a palace and fortress complex of the Moorish monarchs of Granada in southern Spain.

    Al Hambra Towers are located in Emirates City-Ajman . These icons have been designed by the most accomplished architects who are well known for their unique creativity and vision in the Real Estate Projects. AlHambra Towers are an eye Catching project due to its integration of Contemporary Designs with Old heritage of Moorish Monarchs.

    1,2,3 bedrooms with unique moorish monarch architect and prince ranges from 450-480 per sqft.

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  2. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Ajman will cater to the over flow from Dubai. People who cannot afford Dubai would eventually move to Ajman. Rightly said more of end users and less investors.


  3. mpat

    mpat New Member

    What will dubai investors do once projects in dubai starts handing over ???
  4. Saeid

    Saeid New Member

    Is Humaid City canceled?
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