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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by Georgina, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    We have a wonderful new library which was opened recently by Mrs Mubarak. If anyone would like further information I can email you a word document. Many of the books were donated by Bibliotheca Alexandrina together with all the e-resources.

    I think a lot of the Gounies will be donating their old paperbacks too!
  2. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    Civilization is really coming quickly to Egypt now!

    The absence of a cinema was our biggest gripe, but that's been solved now, leaving our second biggest gripe that we can't find enough good books. Looks like that ones been solved as well!

    Do you know if the library is open to us paupers living in Hurghada, or just for you Gounans?
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  3. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    The library is open 10am to 6pm Saturday to Thursday and is open to everyone.

    I have been told there are no English novels there hence all the Gounies saying they will take theirs.

    Boxers Bar in Downtown, El Gouna has a library of English paperbacks too!
  4. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    No English books? :-(

    Oh well, let us know when there is a decent amount come in as donations and we'll bring all our finished ones as well and do some swapsies.
  5. SuziQ2708

    SuziQ2708 Guest

    Well Georgina, wish I'd have known Boxers had a library of English paperbacks last Sunday! LOL ...... I finally did get another book, they had a small library in the Healthclub at the Movenpick ... various nationalities, quite a few English ... finished it on the plane coming home, will bring it back next year :p
  6. wellheld

    wellheld New Member

    Book exchange Hurghada/ El Gouna

    I'm going to be in Hurghada for a while and will go mad if I can't get new reading material, can we set up a swap club here? I've got a few paperbacks already, as do my neighbours, and will be bringing more next week, so pretty soon I'll have some to exchange. Any suggestions?

    Is it easy to get to El Gouna by bus?
    Helen. :)
  7. aisha24

    aisha24 New Member

    Just to pick up on this old thread.. has anyone visited the library in Hurghada..do they have English novels?
    Also I have just heard there is a book fair on from the 15th-30th July In esplanade mall Hurghada Thats infront of Macdonalds in Mamsha....all languages and educational books for children. Must check this out as i have nearly finished al my books from UK..really miss bying online from Amazon it was great!!!!
  8. Nasiya

    Nasiya New Member

    Wow a library!!!! I was getting very upset at the thought of leaving my books behind but now that I have discovered the Sony Reader and eBooks....well....lets just say I am VERY happy although its so expensive!!

    So I will be down at the library loads and would also appreciate tips and costs of travelling to El Gouna from Hurghada by bus and taxi.

    Thanks for this x
  9. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    When the library opened it was mainly online books but now they are supposed to be getting 4,000 books.

    El Gouna/Hurghada bus runs every 20 minutes and costs LE2.75 for residents.
  10. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member

    hi georgina

    how are you, i read about this library with interest, i was on the esplanade in august, and i thought i saw a display stand with lots of books and people from the library that was set up, was i right or was that something completely different.

  11. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    Hi Nubian Queen
    Not sure if this was anything to do with El Gouna library.

    Here is a quote from El Gouna Red Sea Egypt's Best Holiday Destination and Beach Resort Town about our library:
    The Bibliotheca Alexandrina has established itself as a pioneer in technology offering a window to the world. As an embassy of the larger institution, the El Gouna Library’s online resources allow access a repository of some 50,000 digital books, collections, and digitalized manuscripts. The library is also home to one of six culturamas in Egypt. A main reading room, private and group study rooms (equipped with PCs), and outdoor courtyard with reading booths welcome patrons. Cafeteria and Wi-Fi service.
  12. Doknik

    Doknik New Member

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