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  1. not_terry

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    after talking to queenie40something we agreed that this may be an interesting thread.

    Basically without going over the details I am packing all I own into one suitcase and moving out to Sharm El Sheikh on a 1 weeks all inclusive package on May 22nd. The interesting bit is I'm not going back!

    This thread will be a diary / itinerary of my progress from arrival, getting residency, permits, renting, finding a property, finding a job, taxi fares, food, telephone, insurance, bank account, transferring money, medical etc.

    I will record any discoveries, successes, pitfalls that I find to avoid.

    It will become my story but I will be able to assist others along the way with any questions or information I find out and also keep in contact and not be such a lonely journey.

    We'll try and keep general discussions on other more relevant threads so this is mainly a history of how to do things allowing others to avoid any mistakes I make. So rather than lots of different suggestions this will be things that actually worked for me and questions about my experiences and feedback from other members.

    I think this is going to be a very interesting time and an exciting journey, why not come along with me, at least you can get off any time you want :)

    The story so far...........

    After a very bad few years and particularly poignant Xmas I came with my two children to Sharm El Sheikh for a weeks much needed respite and some quality time together. We enrolled at a local diving school and already qualified PADI open water divers, we completed our PADI advanced divers course. A proud moment for all of us but particularly my son who is only 12!!!

    I approached the diving school about a residential training course and a seed of an idea began to grow about living and diving in Egypt. My son lives with his mother and my my daughter had recently been told to leave by her mother, my home was a distant memory!

    The diving school offered a good discount on all the courses I needed to get to instructor level and an internship which basically means I work with them for 3 months or so for no wages but I get to learn the diving business inside out and an apartment for 100 euros a month. Then it's really up to me to look for employment or some way of earning a living, although there is a possibility of working for / with the school. I felt confident that with my photography skills, diving skills and web design background I can do something to make a reasonable living especially with the low costs in Egypt.

    Initially my daughter was going to come with me and train as a divemaster but hey, 18 years old, just really setting out in the world, a nice boyfriend now, she decided that she would not come out at this time.

    So I will miss my kids dearly, they are truly wonderful, but the UK is after all only 4.5 hours away and with long summer holidays Ill probably see more of them and have more quality time than in the UK.

    I have contacted a few agents and have some properties to view over here and will probably find more once I get out here. I only have a small budget and it's not a second home or investment but my home!! So I need to be careful and watch the £s.

    I have nowhere to store anything so I'm going through the rather strange process at present of fitting everything I want to keep from my lifetime in one suitcase and take everything else to the tip! Quite emotional at times.

    So i'm out here 22 May, week in a hotel all inclusive while I get permit etc, start on my tan - then start my diving training and take over rented apartment on 30th.

    I'll keep you updated, please feel free to post and keep me company, ask any questions, welcome aboard :cool:
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  2. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Kerry - this is going to be an interesting thread.

    Good luck with everything. At the end of the day you can pack what you need in a case and rest are memories that will remain forever in your head. It will be hard not seeing your children all the time but as the say absence makes the heart grow fonder and Im sure you will all be alot closer with the visits made. In this day and age it is so easy to keep in contact and forfree on MSN as well. You can even log in free to Mc D etc in Sharm so all it will cost you is the price of a coffee or nice cold drink.
    Good luck with the rest of the course and I applaud you both on what you acheived when you were last out in Sharm.
    Please post pics as well especially of any new restaurants etc that open.
  3. not_terry

    not_terry New Member

    will do thanks for your kind comments and support.

    Next intended steps

    22nd May about 5pm
    Arrive at airport, buy tourist visa that lets me travel outside Sharm, get to hotel, brandy and cigarette by the pool where I last spent time with my children and a stroll down Naama bay high Street re-living a few more memories and taking in the fact that I'm really here on my own. Cold beer, kick back, think of home and the future.

    23rd Am
    Day chilling out, visit the school, a few cold beers catch some sun. Let the fact im really here sink in.
    PM start looking at some property

    taxi to El Tur and get 1 year resident permit and multi entry visa. Let's see how that goes and what actually happens. I'll post experiences, prices, problems and final outcome.

    Then I have to decide on Sharm with it's strange property laws and busier diving community with more competition or quieter Hurghada with less visitors and maybe less competition and more straightforward (cheaper) property.
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  4. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Kerry - sounds pretty damn good so far. If you head towards Nabq to St Georges Bar at the Jasmine Centre you can show them your residents visa and ask for a membership card that will entitle you to 50% off all food and drinks - this will help saving a few £. Also Ghazala restaurants on the prom in Naama again ask for discount card and after each visit you will get discounts up to 50% off on your 5th visit. Every little helps and dont forget Pirates bar just along here as well where the divers hang out and beer is just 6le at 6pm 7le at 7 etc.
  5. vix

    vix New Member

    one suitcase

    If your only taking one suitcase, you could easily pop my cooker hood into your luggage then?:confused:
    Only joking :D
  6. not_terry

    not_terry New Member

    That is really cool information thanks so much. Guess I'm going to HAVE to stay at Pirates bar until 1am at those prices - do you think i'll get a beer for 1LE ;)
  7. not_terry

    not_terry New Member

    will it go as hand luggage :) and you would have to agree to cook for me !!
  8. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Kerry - Pirates bar cheap beer is from 6pm until 10pm where it will then cost 10le and then after that I think normal prices. Think you will have a stagger home doing the 6 til 10 session LOL.
  9. not_terry

    not_terry New Member

    Well Ive got the first part of my diving gear bought, car is sold and waiting for maoney, suitcase half packed and last week at work. Getting excited and nervous now. Seems weird to think that in 10 days I'll be in Egypt and building a new life !!!
  10. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Getting closer by the day Kerry. The nerves will be setting in but Im sure once you are out there you will realise there is nothing to worry about. The only worries that you would have is if you decided not to go ahead and you would be sitting indoors saying what if what if and regretting not doing it xxx Lifes too short x
  11. vix

    vix New Member

    HA HA........... long way to go for your dinner luv, I'll be in Hurghada. Any way, you will be most welcome to visit for a traditional Bedoiun meal any time either myself or my husband are staying there. Vix
  12. not_terry

    not_terry New Member

    I may take you up on that!! I tell you something, people talk about Egyptian red tape and banking systems etc. The problems I'm having here in UK getting my own money out my own account !!!! Believe me even if Egypt is the same at least I can have a beer while Im waiting at a reasonable price and get a TAN.

  13. not_terry

    not_terry New Member


    Thanks for that, I think out of all the kind people on the forum you stand out :) Your kind words are really supportive and you are always there with advice and information as well

    Take care

    Dont ever leave this forum !!!
  14. yes that is trueKerry, queenie is a real valued member before a mobderator here
  15. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Your too kind Kerry. I wont be leaving in a hurry so dont worry!! You never know one day we may be neighbours and in a couple of years I could be writing about my move to Sharm and will be picking your brains as you will well and truly be a Sharm expert by then xx

    George your too kind to and hope you are getting some well earnt rest in Alex xx
  16. not_terry

    not_terry New Member

    Another good bit of advice I have just received is to get copies of developer contracts in advance - I have requested these on properties Im interested in. I'll update you on the outcome and post copies of any I get

    For anybody bringing diving gear or sports equipment out (or possibly any extra baggage) my allowance in total via Thomas Cook Flying with Monarch was the normal 20kg - excess baggage was £10 per kilo!!! However I discovered that Monarch do a sports allowance but you have to ask for it. It works out at £30 per return trip for an extra 13kg. However on pressing them it is actually £15 per 13kg each way so I was told I could get an extra 26Kg one way for £30 - still extra money but a lot less than the £260 I would have had to pay as excess baggage!! The number for this service (as well as extra leg room) was +44 1582 400 000 and they answered quite quickly
  17. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Good advise Kerry - dont know if you have seen mine but it is here on post 4

    I think Easy jet will allow you in total 50kg to travel - each kg excess is charged at £6 per kg. The maximum weight per bag must not exceed 32kg - if it does they will not accept it.
    However they also do a sports baggage one for a fee of £16.50 per flight See - Carrier's Regulations

    So it is worth shopping about for flights as it may be cheaper but the extra baggage fee more. Swings and roundabouts.
  18. vix

    vix New Member

    I'm off now for a while, so good luck Kerry on your personal adventure. I hope it is all you expect it to be, and much more besides. Roger, Wilko, over and out.
  19. Jeff-h

    Jeff-h New Member

    Luggage allowance

    Hello Kerry. Ithink I have your name right after looking at other posts, if not then my apologies to you.
    Have read your post about sports package for luggage when you travel, and you didnt mention the free extra allowance if you have a diving qualification card. Each time we have travelled to Sharm we have managed to get an extra luggage allowance at no charge, Monarch, Astreaus and XL. They do not advertise this fact and we always take documentary proof of their extra allowance with to the airport in case of queries but so far we have not been refused. If our property is finished when we go in September we will be leaving our dive kit there and using our allowance for other important things ( probably bacon ;) ). Anyway, hope you dont have any problems on your adventure, and maybe we will meet up for a drink in the Camel Bar or somewhere else. We usually try to land at Sharm at Sakara o'clock just to get the holiday off on the right footing.

    Best of luck,

  20. not_terry

    not_terry New Member


    Hi Jeff
    Many thanks. How can I get this documentary proof of this allowance - I have a PADI advanced card.

    Yeah, Id love to meet up, keep in touch Camel bar sounds good or Pirates!

    Glad you got your priorities right, mmmmm Bacon!!!

    Hope all goes well with your property, if there is any thing I can do while I'm out here, pictures, make any enquiries for you I'll be glad to assist where I can


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