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EDF - legal situation when need to move power line

Discussion in 'French Property' started by Pink Elephant, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant New Member

    In relation to some construction on my land I need to have a power line moved that EDF previously have dug underground across my property, and now EDF wants 4,000 € to do this.

    The issue is the line is passing our land in order to provide power to another property, we know of no authorization given to cross our land, and anecdotal evidence has it that in other cases EDF digs lines to provide power to new houses without any charges.

    Does anyone know of what the legal situation is?

    Do they need authorisation to lay the line in the first place?
    Can they charge for moving the line (its laid across the middle of our land plot - no effort to avoid future problems by laying the line on the border of the land)?
    If they are allowed to charge for the moving of the line, can they do so without proper documentation for what the cost is?
    Is there a public register where one can see the exact location of the line?

    Hope somebody can help.

    Best regards
    Pink Elephant
  2. Power Line

    The EDF would indeed need to have permission if the powerline is laid beneath your land. THey would have needed to have a "servitude" (easement) granted and this would be in your title deeds. Look in your title deeds under Servitudes and if they've applied for it, it should appear there. If you're not sure, double check with the notaire who oversaw the sale of your property.
    Claire Healy
    Attika International Real Estate (Nice and Cannes)
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