"Eco-trends" in the mid-atlantic area of the US



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The landscape design trends in Baltimore are not strangers to the changes homeowners have been conceptualizing and designing in their home spaces. Now they gravitate towards new types of outdoor space fit for their changing lifestyles, with a preference towards native plants, yoga areas outside, or charging stations for mobile phones.

I just read an article from the (moderated) group about how the ASLA reported these findings from its annual survey on landscaping preferences; it noted that there is a shift in what people want out of an exterior space- preferring natural elements like grasses over hardscapes such as concrete patios when possible, giving consideration to things like climate while incorporating sustainability through recycling materials used within the project's construction process into aesthetic considerations by using recycled material throughout one's property. Also, planting native herbs has become a popular trend among those looking for environmentally friendly landscapes with low upkeep required; while having charging stations available outside your house gives you flexibility when it comes time to charge up devices such as tablets or laptops after dark.

This could be a great new trend in America, as they give more steps towards eco-friendliness. The Baltimore area could become a bastion in sustainable living imo, but I definitely want to hear your feedback!
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Dora Wi

Thanks for sharing this information, it's really interesting! I can definitely see that there is a trend of using more and more eco-friendly materials, not just in exterior places but also in interior design.

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Wow it's interesting. Now i want to know more about it


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everyone and everywhere should follow this trend. thx for sharing!