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Eco Home in NE Brazil

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by ETON, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. ETON

    ETON New Member

    I'm looking to buy an Eco Home in North East Brazil, near Natal, has anybody got any info. By Eco home I mean Solar water heaters and built from local natural materials like FSC timber. Has anybody got any details on property that fits my rather vague description.
  2. timatthebeach

    timatthebeach New Member

    will try to get the name for you but there is a proper eco place (solar power, water from wells, sustainable and eco materiasl used in construction etc...) but its not the cheapest. its is run by a french couple and the front of the site on the beach is used as new age/holistic therapy centre and yoga school.
    it is on marau peninsula just north of itacare in bahia state. There will be many others this just happens to be one i stumbled across when i was in itacare last year. there may be some links or a name on the itacare site itacare dot com which is available in english and portuguese
  3. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    The water in this development comes from an aquifer under a huge rocky outcrop, they will fit solar heaters if you want as it is very popular there and easy to do: 'Zen' Spa Properties in Pipa, Natal, Brazil

    This one has solar, etc. Praia de Pipa exclusive development construction just started

    This is another built by a big developer with ISO certification that everything they do is carbon neutral: Luxury villas and apartments in Pipa, Natal, Brazil

    In all these developments the local council is very strict on the materials used (sustainable), maximum percentage of land that is built on (25% whereas most other areas are 35%), how the land is cleared for building (i.e. a lot of trees are protected) and building height (two floors max).

  4. ETON

    ETON New Member

    timatthebeach and Robh

    Thanks for your suggestions, I'll have a look at those websites. I think it make sense particularly the way the world is going to invest in property that harnesses renewable energy. I'm realy interested in the one in Pipa, I've been thier and think its a magical place. Thanks for your help
  5. Salsasue

    Salsasue New Member

    ECO HOME near Natal

    We have bought an eco home which is along the lines that you are looking.
    My partner and i stumbled across the site by chance last October when we were up near the Touros area looking for Lagoa Do Coelho.
    We called in to ask directions and spoke to the owner.He took us around the site and explained his plans for the development.Basically,they will be using solar haeting and natural materials and making everything environmentally friendly.
    We were very impressed with the whole set up and the result was we left a deposit and are having a 2 bed villa built at the front near the beach.Everyone was really friendly and they even drove us down to their supplier in Natal and we were able to choose our own tiles and colours and even after ordering extras,we ended up paying less for our villa on its own plot than the apartment we were going to buy.
    When we got back to England i was a bit worried at first because we had not checked anything ,but our lawyer checked and they have all the approvals and things so we are absoulutely delighted with our purchase.It was easily the best development we had seen in the whole 3 weeks.I do not think it is for sale in the U.K. and it is mainly local people that are buying.
  6. ETON

    ETON New Member

    Salsasue - have you any more details about this lovely Eco home you have bought are there any Brazilian web sites I can look at. I'd be really interested with any details you have.
  7. ETON

    ETON New Member

    Robh, I've been doing a bit of research on Pipa, is this a reliable article,
    Pipa Real Estate | Property For Sale in Brazil
    Also does the property in question represent good value in your opinion?
    I think I'm going to have to take a trip out to Pipa.
  8. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Hi Eton,

    The article is reasonably reliable although pretty badly written! It looks like it was written by someone who hadn't been there and was just rewriting someone else's web page as a few details are wrong.

    Regarding the property you mention, we are the exclusive agents for it, so whilst you are welcome to contact the developer directly, he will send you back to us for information.

    There are some construction photos that we took in January here:

    If you would like some more information about them and availability, then please contact uv10 here.

  9. ETON

    ETON New Member

    Robh - Thanks for the info, I'll give your website another look, I'm currently in the middle of developing a house in the UK for sale, once done I should have the cash to buy a property in Pipa later in the year. I'll be in touch, I take it you won't mind me asking you questions in the meantime.
  10. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Ask away and good luck with your house in the UK.
  11. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    Sustainable Energy

    I have a new property in Rio Grand do Norte and want to make good use of the available wind and sun. Anyone got any contacts for the provision of roof mounted solar panels and small wind turbines?

  12. Salsasue

    Salsasue New Member

    eco villa natal

    Just seen the messages-our villa is just next to Touros and i believe that from xmas all the sales are being handled by an agent here in the U.K. The prices look to be the same as when we bought last year though there are now more house designs and they seem to be adding more leisure facilities.
    The company doing the marketing are called ASCL apparently,though i do not have any details re email,phone number etc
  13. Graymax

    Graymax New Member

    Eco home in Rio Grande do Norte

    Pointless exercise trying to give you info, as this forum will not allow me to direct you to a website, that might help, or to give you my Email address to contact me direct.Graymax.
  14. Salsasue

    Salsasue New Member

    Karen ,
    We have reserved in block 3 but did not want the work to start just yet.I am pleased because i have seen the new designs and they are much better than the ones we were shown.They are going to start our villa over the summer.
  15. Sunnyshores

    Sunnyshores New Member

    Hi Sue and karen (fellow investors!)
    I've started a new thread for Project Zen - would love you to join me over there!
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