Easy lean to buy Home with Bad Credit.



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Do you guys know you can still get home loan with bad credit in usa ?

Yes, Its true. Where all banks and Mortgage companies are taking 620 credit score and above to provide loan for your dream home. There is still some lenders in USA who offer loan with bad credit score. where Credit score below 600 is accepted too. I know about one The Lenders Network they are providing home loan as low at 580 credit score as well.

Good Luck Guys For your New home.


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I'm crazier then that, I finance anybody as long as I can meet their budget goals. You tell me where you're looking to buy, what your budget is, and what kind of home you're looking for then I draw up a contract and purchase the land and home or pay for the construction and finance it to you as per the contract agreement. If the land is unavailable after the down payment has been made I refund you or shoot for your next interested property. I retain the property and home in my name until it is paid off in full, the closing costs, taxes, insurance, development, and home construction/setup are all included in the financing. Check out my website allenschoice.com fill out the form and become a home owner in 15-90 days from the date you accept the contract. I will never ask about your credit or pull your credit report because I trust that if you have your down payment and I keep your payments to your comfortable amount then you will pay off your assets,