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Dubai Sports City - Eagle Heights

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by investorppty, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. investorppty

    investorppty New Member

    I recvd an offer today from, UK based agent. Eagle Heights has 3 years guananteed rental and will be situated in the heart of Dubai Sports City, overlooking the prestigious Ernie Els 18 hole championship golf course.

    A state of the art development, Dubai Sports City aims to become one of the worlds largest sporting and cultural destinations.

    Guaranteed 3 year rental at 8% per annum
    Estimated 30% capital growth by handover
    Kafaalat 10 year extended payment term available
    Tax-free society
    Located in the heart of Dubai Sports City
    100% free-hold

    Prices from: GBP66,000

  2. Dubai-Properties

    Dubai-Properties New Member

    The developer is well reputed in Dubai with 4 developments in sports city, 2 developments on the world islands and with up and coming developments in Dubai Waterfront.

    As for the Eagle Heights development, this does overlook the Ernie Els championship golf course and is in a fantastic location but some of the other information is incorrect. If you PM or email me on dubai-properties at hotmail dot co dot uk, i will be able to give you more information on this.
  3. starbuyman

    starbuyman New Member

    Hi, im new to this! just bpught a studion through profile in eagle heights! completion date extended again. has anyone any idea of why there are two developments with the same name. well there are two different apartment buildings in it anyways! appreciate any info on dis! thanks!

    JOHNNY-D New Member

    Can we have the prices clearly BUT in Dirhams, please?

    i'm so interested in Dubai Sports City.

  5. Bearone

    Bearone New Member

    You should got to Skyscrapercity Website forums and read the threads there on Eagle Heights - interesting !
  6. NwAli

    NwAli New Member

    Are you guys still ... considering offplan properties !!!!!! i thought anyone in there right sate of mind would not .. suppose i was wrong

    best of luck !!!!
  7. oasis2buyer

    oasis2buyer Banned

    Eagle Heights is on hold according to this information below

    BNC Project No.
    Project Type
    Residential ( Multi-Storey (Under 15) )
    On Hold
    Plot Number
    Dubai Sports City (DSC) Dubailand
    Created On
    November 30, 2006
    Last Updated
    January 11, 2010

    There are 6 companies associated with this project:

    * 2 Owners
    * 1 Consultant
    * 2 Contractors
    * 1 Supplier
  8. Brendan R

    Brendan R New Member

    the same property in Vegas costs....USD 200,000......
  9. Sixgun

    Sixgun New Member

    Except the Vegas properties probably don't have..
    Full building site views,
    Full 'dry trench where should be a thriving canal' views.

    Apart from the apartment investors, who have nothing as yet, there's this strange scenario of completed villas around the golf course, which is better than nothing of course, but these people are living on the edge of a desert / buildingsite landscape, instead of the bustling community of canals/ coffeeshops/ boutiques/ trendy bars which the plan promised.

    Even the cricket ground is looking a bit lonely, where are the other stadia? ongoing or shelved?
    Also the metro was supposed to run near the cricket ground, has that progressed, I haven't heard?
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2010
  10. oasis2buyer

    oasis2buyer Banned

    Someone has definitely left the building and it's not Elvis this time! What happened to the leosterling promoter? Just like all the developers skipped the joint!! Vegas sounds a lot better any day any time. Been there and it's definitely an oasis not a mirage like the one in Dubai!
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