Dubai Sewage

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I find it incredible that more has not been said about the sewage being pumped into the sea in the middle of Dubai's Jumeira beach (Behind KFC and next to Dubai Offshore Sailing Club).

It was first noticeable around August 2008 and is still happening. Today I saw it and it was terrible. Dinghy sailing at the nearby 35 year old club has been all but ruined.

Dubai's Sun, Sea and Sand sells its Tourism, and to a large degree is used in property marketing.

It was reported in local and international press a few months back, but that was not enough to stop it. The municipality barely admits to the problem it used to close part of the affected beach periodically "as a precaution, but the water is safe" or similar nonsense. The reporters seem to have been warned off by the authorities.

The problem exists because sewage truck drivers have to wait in queues to dump at the sewage plant for so long some don't bother and illegally offload in the drains on the side of the road. The outlet for these drains is just off the beach.

It says a huge amount about the way Dubai has grown over the last few years that it can build all these mega projects but can't manage a proper sewage plant. The way the authorities responded/ do not admit to the problem made me doubt whether I would want to do business with them.

I think they are happy when it goes in the sea as apparently it sometimes flooded residential areas like International City. But 9 months on and they have not fixed the root cause it is incredible.

Come on Dubai - this is doing huge damage to the city!
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