Dubai property investment is calculated trap



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When I visited Dubai last winter, I was shocked to see how expensive properties were in Dubai compare to affordability of living and wages. Calculation won't make any sense to me, I found averge salary for expats (90% population are expats) is about 3000 to 4000 Dhs, these people have to pay rent, visa cost, food and all other expenses. How on earth these people would be able to pay 8000 10000 Dhs rent and other expensis, and one bed apprtment is more than a million in Dubai to buy.

People who do not agree with me,do your own home work; go to any free online classified, you'll be shocked to know job availability, wages and property rents. There a more than 150000 vacant units in Dubai either for sale or rent. However, jobs are only 15-20k all are low paid labor jobs. My mind boggles when I do these calculations.

To me, Dubai is a trap and haven for money laundry, wealthy investors buy the property, hold it and sell it for profit or lose. Unfortunately in all this dilemma, working ordinary people are suffering of this property hikes. They simply can not afforde to live . Please share your thoughts here....