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dubai marina

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by talk, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. talk

    talk New Member

    still trying to get a siteplot map for the marina.I've tried skyscraper page 64 but keep getting shown an error,perhaps you have to be paid register.
    any other ideas,investing only.
  2. fws

    fws New Member

    No you don't have to pay. Try working your way in from the main page through UAE forums etc and see if that gets you there.
  3. talk

    talk New Member

    site map

    still trying to find a site plot map for dubai marina
  4. memo123

    memo123 Member

    To be Honest
    I don't know why they made this marina
    It looked huge and nice and who ever bought in the beginning was lucky to have full marina view
    then we see that all sorts of buildings are being built into the marina on reclaimed land in the marina !
    blocking the marina view for people who bought their apartment just for the view , why make it if they are going to bury it ?
    it became so small like a canal ,
    greed , greed is overwhelming in Dubai ,
    I don't think you will find updated map for there are so many buildings are being built now
    by private investors
    I tried to get names of buildings and , all i could find was the contractors names , so may be I can buy something,
    Even when you google it , it is not clear for it does not show all the new buildings coming up .
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