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Dubai Marina - advice

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by gordano, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. gordano

    gordano New Member

    I purchased a 1 bed apartment (over 600 sqft) in Dubai Marina, Panoramic, January 2007, price AED 750,000.

    How much would it sell for today?

    I have been renting it for AED 80,000 per year ... tenant leaves in October 2009. If I carry on renting how much would I get in today's market?

    Thanks in advance for you advice :)
  2. gordano

    gordano New Member

    Thanks, but I am not necessarily looking to sell, initally I am looking for feedback on current rents and prices.

    Thanks for the offer though
  3. dr_property

    dr_property New Member


    Well I must admit you have a nice buy here. At the moment the prices are ranging from AED 900 per sq ft till AED 1,200 per sq ft...depending on the tower. I recommend you to simply rent it out at AED 90K per year. This is the rent in Dubai Marina now...don't know the status once your tenant leaves.
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