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Dubai is becoming the most attractive place to live.

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by georgihh, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Two Bedrooms in SO 45k per year
    Business fees per year 5k (to run a business)
    No crime
    To me looks very attractive – don’t know about you.
    People are going to smell the advantages very soon ,be ready
  2. nconcepts

    nconcepts New Member

    i think so too .. and to top it all off dubai looks so good too ..
  3. MOBY

    MOBY New Member

    Dubai is no diffrent to the rest of the world, The whole world is in recession and when the recession is over Dubai will bounce back .Its too fabulous a place not to. Its just a question of when .
  4. nconcepts

    nconcepts New Member

    i totally agree... its just getting painful for people.
  5. nconcepts

    nconcepts New Member

    tourism definitely needs to pick up...
  6. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    I totally agree with you.
    There is a positive to every negative and with the low rental/buying prices for both residential and business premises this is going to attract many new residents and businesses.
    In a few years when most of the units are filled there will be an undersupply and prices will go up.
  7. Johnparker

    Johnparker New Member

    Dubai dubai dubai.. i love you
  8. abudubai

    abudubai New Member

    No advertising allowed

  9. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Recession did Dubai good. Rents came down and Dubai has now become affordable. No more cocky landlords. Today the tenant holds the guns. With the excessive supply, it should take a while. When supply meets demand, that's when things will come back and that's when greed sets in and there we go start of another cycle :typical:

  10. stumbled

    stumbled New Member

    guys...please wake up...3 years now!!!

    I have been banging my head long before the bubble bursted and all i see is HOPE. I mean a famous quote comes to mind here..we_are_all_in_the_gutter but_some_of_us_are looking at the stars.
    What is attractive about Dubai?
    1) tax free status?(too many indirect taxes, charges and fees)
    2)too many units not enough demand??well, where are the jobs?who created the jobs?it was the west, the American and the British companies, well they are totally broke.The chinese and Indians aren't dumb enough to set anything up in Dubai.Has anyone heard of the Hong Kong property boom?thats where the money is.
    3)The British investors have lost so much buying off plan, they cringe at that word..''dubai''.
    4)Dubai, sounded nice and beautiful when it was spending money and paying celebrities and organisations to set up base, money gone, status gone, celebrities gone!!PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO BE SEEN AND HEARD TO BE LIVING IN THAT PLACE ANYMORE..TOO MUCH NEGATIVITY IN THE NEWS.
    5)Dubai has a biggest's currency peg!! i've said this before and i say it again, if it ever has to improve, that dirham has to be devalued, i mean the authority have hidden the inflation IN THAT PLACE, ITS SCARY . Trust me its even more expensive then the UK. The other problem is if the peg is removed the dirham will plummet, which Abu Dhabi wont agree to(with oil prices fixed etc etc)so, the big brother is indirectly harming dubai's prosperity. I mean since the financial crisis, european currency has depreciated, that helps in several ways, reduces debt, promotes export, tourism,spending, retail...etc etc, what has happened to dubai's currency?? we all know.
    It has made many british property investors cash in and dump their properties for way less and indirectly cover their losses in the currency devaluation of the pound.
    6)No body ever wanted to come and live in Dubai. Yes, people from russia,Philippines,india and africa dreamt of it, but the westerners came there to make tax free money and sunshine(they soon realised it was too much of it), lets not forget they are and were the big spenders, the rest send their hard earned cash BACK HOME and live with minimum expenditure.

    I may be wrong here and may have missed the big picture and dubai may still be a great place for those living there in hope....BUT IT CERTAINLY ISN'T GETTING ANY BETTER!!
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2010
  11. pinnacle1

    pinnacle1 New Member

    People cannot live in a country where there are no defined laws. No one knows what the laws are in Dubai anymore, as they change on a daily basis to whatever suits the government. NormaL people cannot live like this.

  12. Mark2011

    Mark2011 New Member

    Dubai is one of the most beautiful countries here in the middle east. The nice thing about Dubai that they are using their money in the right directions. Investing in the place and the people is going to be successful business for them.
  13. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    i would like to add hotels are getting cheaper nice offers nowadays add beach sun to the equation more people will come soon.....

    (5) star resorts becoming $100 myself going to JAL tomorrow nice offer i got .....great beach

    most jobs gone,rent down ,everything else is higher ,harder to make money ,commercial spaces still expensive to rent ,hence any business has higher chance of going under in few months very high rent they are still asking.

    cant compete with some nationalities in business

    collecting rent is not as easy as before being landlord is not easy take my word for it

    i guess living here is better than most places if you have a nice salary ,stable position and having fun doing almost nothing and getting paid for pretending to do something :)

    you become lazy here yes , you stop using your head after a while yes,you will eat more yes if you dont control yourself ,you will get ill from having your body reacting to different AC temperatures and most probably you will gain few allergies ,

    you can cover your face or show your legs it doesn't matter feel to do either you can ,

    overall its good i guess 8/10 and i ve been to few places

    investing should be fun if you feel bad about it you have done something wrong go back and rethink about it .

    have fun
  14. Mark2011

    Mark2011 New Member

    Dubai is a nice place to live in. I can't wait to give Dubai a visit
  15. panchal

    panchal New Member

    You are living in COOKOO land, I have been to dubai four time trying to get my money back from rog estate agents. Their is nobody in dubai who will help you. You are on your own. But their are lots of esate agents happy to take your money and give empty promises, they will show you the best things in dubai but dont be fooled. each of my visit to dubai was costly but came back empty handed.
    Even the Lawyer are hungry for your business as they know lots of people have lost money and they also happy to take your case. But no gurrentee you will get anything back.
  16. Salma Raul

    Salma Raul New Member

    Dubai has developed alot in past few years and has become world famous. i am a resident of Dubai and never want to move from Dubai. But the economical recession has effected Dubai alot i think. Whats your point of view
  17. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Dubai is OK to live - not to make money. The old days are gone. Now enjoy your life and take the benefits.
    Take it easy and don’t panic. Property biasness will never recover, but that’s why you can get a 2 bedroom nice flat in Dubai for 40k. Forget the pubs and buy your drinks from Ajman and enjoy them with friends and families. Dubai has never been that cheap and with the $ going down this place is OK.
    I have lost ,Most of us have lost money from the property deals, but so what? Life goes on and new challenge will come.
  18. Mussa1

    Mussa1 New Member

    40k is that £, also where can you get a 2bedroom for this much???

    please done say international city

  19. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    SO some places in Bur Dubai , you can get a good 2 bedroom in Bur Dubai.
    Prices are going down on a daily basis, enjoy your life and forget the property business.
    Dubai will never recover again not in thousands of years.
    The time is to get the benefits from the cheap Dubai.
  20. Mussa1

    Mussa1 New Member

    Do you have info on 2bedrooms for sale in bur dubai?

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