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Dubai dirty business

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by pisandre, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. pisandre

    pisandre New Member

    Hi all, a few weeks I am daily reading your posts with a lot of interests. I indeed purchased a few months ago in DSC. However, my first post is not about investment but about renting.
    I was recently kicked out by the tenant of the apartment I was sharing with. I was very surprised when I visited two shared accommodations. First one was an 2-bedroom, the tenant of the contract was not living in the apartment but was subletting it to other people. Actually, he even made a separation to create a 3rd room. Same story, for the second accommodation which was a villa, the tenant was not living inside.

    My questions are:
    - Is it legal to sublet an apartment without living inside?
    - If not, is the CID doing anything against this?

    Thanks for your reply,

  2. Ali786

    Ali786 New Member

    Its illeagal to sublet an apartments but many people have made it their business becuase there is a very shortage of living space in dubai and those who got it will not leave it still after they left that place. I hope government is doing some thing as Ajman government is doing they are cracking the offenders and moving ahead positively.
  3. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Subletting is illegal and not allowed. However some tenants ( less than 1% ) get into an understanding with the landlord, but those cases are only a few.

    No tenant is allowed to modify the house with permission, which means your guy has done it against the tenancy laws.

    You can complain to the landlord about this subletting.

    Hope this helps.


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