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    hi, has anyone out there invested in IMG's dr geraldo furtado development in petropolis in natal? i invested in a 2 bed apartment here in 2010. despite being behind schedule i still believe the construction will be finished this year.

    i am planning to go out to natal again at the end of the year to sort out a rental agent and to furnish the place myself.(i work in construction here in the UK)

    i believe if a few geraldo furtado apartment owners get together we can get a better deal on rentals as opposed to the 6% guaranteed by the client.

    please do let me know if you are interested?

    thanks :)
  2. Greengodess

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    Depends on what you paid and condo fees . Better to stick to an agent as they know how to read the contracts,set up guarantors ,legal fees etc .Do you have a Brazilian bank account to deposit your rental income because you will need one to recieve the rent.
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    We were looking at buy2rent options.
    Apparently the rental income is taxed at 15%, and so is the CGT.
    With the local devaluation, the weakening Real and oversupply, we decided that the actual revenues would be minimal - if any.
    Especially when you see how many apartments look after a few months rental .....

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