Does this property investment strategy make sense?

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I've seen people make millions investing in property, despite not earning that much in their regular jobs, or having much financial sophistication.
As primarily a share investor, I was surprised that people could make money with the strategies they used.

I have decided to document what they have done in a general sense, using 5 scenarios.

Despite the title, and intro, (looks like its promoting something) there is no selling or promoting anything, or even adverts. It is just educational.
I would like to make an improved version of this video, and was wondering if the current one made sense?

Any feedback would be useful.


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Hello, welcome to the forum :)

Educational videos are very welcome, but please note not to promote subscriptions at the end or we may have to remove the video as it would be classed as advertising.

The video was an interesting watch! From a viewer perspective, I found it quite text-heavy (and hard to concentrate on both reading it, and listening to you at the same time :) I would perhaps simplify the text and try to only reiterate what is on-screen (rather than saying something different)?


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Thanks, that was very useful constructive criticism.

Trying to achieve multiple things at once. (like keep video short to keep interest).
So ignored the fact there might be too much coming to the viewer at once.
Also will focus on not putting too much text in.

Will adjust that for future videos!

That's great advice :)


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Choosing the Right Structure for Your Property Investment
  • Review your options
  • Review what you have
  • Determine how to get there