Does the European real estate market offer exceptional long-term value?

Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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If you look at the European real estate market, the UK aside, there is little reason to rush into a property investment in the short term at least. As a consequence of the mortgage crisis in the US, banking crisis across Europe and mismanagement of many government budgets, the European real estate market has failed [...]

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It depends on which part of Europe as Europe is so big. I believe Germany is still stronger than most other area, but I still love Switzerland.


Despite the fact that many experts had predicted a bounce in European property prices after the 2007/8 worldwide economic downturn, this has not yet occurred. If you look at the cold hard facts then there are a number of European property markets which offer good value but when will the European economy improve? When will the euro finally be accepted as a long-term currency? Will the UK exit lead to other members leaving the European Union?

These are all questions which will impact property price movements for the foreseeable future.


I would hold back for the moment and keep an eye on markets such as Germany and France. There are rumours that these two countries are in serious financial trouble but let's face it, if Germany is in big trouble then where does that leave the rest of us? Many of these concerns are overdone and might impact property prices in the short term offering very attractive long-term buying opportunities. Be selective!