Does real estate investing really make people rich?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by renatusus, May 21, 2013.

  1. renatusus

    renatusus New Member

    There are some people who get incredibly wealthy through stocks and some other people who do not. For the people who don’t succeed, is it that stocks don’t work or that the people using them don’t all possess the right knowledge and skills?

    It’s funny because every man is a “self made man,” it’s just only the rich who admit to it. The wealthy are what they are because they have applied knowledge that works. Studies repeatedly conclude that over 90% of wealthy
    individuals have become wealthy through real estate. Does it really work? It works better than any other system of business to produce wealth with the right knowledge and skills.
  2. Ryan M

    Ryan M New Member

    Real estate works for those who enjoy it.You have to do it for more than just the money, if you want to be successful even in the difficult moments.
  3. RainerR

    RainerR New Member

    Often yes - it makes the Developers and Lawyers rich.

  4. reyjohnson

    reyjohnson New Member

    Yes real estate investing can make people rich The key is the long term investment. Property tends to be long term - there are always ups and downs but this tends to be overlooked . Stocks and shares - too tempting to switch or cash in even for the un-educated.
  5. Ron0

    Ron0 New Member

    Yes, real estate investing makes people rich.....Those who know the tactics to deal with customers & have vast real estate knowledge succeed in this.....
  6. loribarnaby

    loribarnaby New Member

    There is a notion build up in the minds of property buyers and investors that investing in the real estate property would help them to gain rich dividends. The thoughtful question - Is this really possible? Real estate market is not a risk free market, and to be frank, every market has its own record of risk intakes. Money people who have earned their virtues by investing in the real estate properties in economies like calgary are feeling happy about it. But, seeing the present market conditions, the reality about realty is somewhat different. Nowhere in the world, the real estate market is stable.

    Investing in properties are a remarkable way to earn money in shortest possible time frame, but again, you need to go through the prevailing market sentiments. If you are in a haste to make the share in the property investments, you are very likely to lose money. Comparative real estate market analysis would help you to take a further decision.

    A real estate property which is located near to popular tourist destination, than you have good chances to be on the top and earn great revenue. Popular tourist spots are always flocked with many business opportunities, and if your commercial or residential property is in close proximity to it, the chances of money gain almost doubles.

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