Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dave and hazel Hill? Famous for Maroma homes and Spanish homes.

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    I am among several people looking for Dave and Hazel Hill or their family members. The Hills were notorious around 2006/2007 for several property scams in Morocco. They operated Maroma Homes and sold around Aourir, Taghazoute and Marrakech. They were originally based in Spain listed under Spanish Homes. The authorities and owners of their homes are conducting an investigation into their activities - paperwork is missing, homes are already owned... Please if you have any information regarding these people, contact me through the forum. There was a lady in Romford in 2007 who was having a house built by the Hills in Aourir. I'm not sure that this ever happened.
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    A quick search on Google does not bring up much information - I wonder if they have activated their "right to privacy" and asked Google to take down any reference to them?
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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I've been all over google and Facebook. Time for some more sites.
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