Does anyone know a good resale agent for my property in Natal

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by rich devaney, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. rich devaney

    rich devaney New Member

    Hi i have a new apartment (the sun towers development) in Natal that i would like to sell it is a brand new apartment two beds two parking spaces, just off the top floor with a 5 year 5% rental guarantee.... but i am at a loss as to how to sell it does anyone have any advice or know of any reputable resale agents that could help. thank you
  2. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    The main issue you'll have is that even if the 5% rental over 5 years is on offer to you it probably won't be available to the person that buys from you. First you'd need to find out if that really is included or not as it will make a difference.

    Is the apartment finished already or is it in the last tower which they are still finishing off?

    Your best bet to sell something like that is with local real estate agencies - the ones that are selling the development for the developer - but you'd need to pay more comission than the developer to get it sold first - aka you'll be competing against the developer so don't expect any help from them.

    Unfortunately there are very few developers who understand the importance of doing resales for their clients.
  3. rich devaney

    rich devaney New Member

    Hi thanks for your reply ill check on the 5% rental offer, its the second tower which has just been completed, would you advise sitting on the property for a few years or maybe trying to sell privately its just with the pound so strong when i bought i can make a reasonable profit now.... ???
    kind regards rich
  4. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Hi Rich

    All depends on what you paid for it. It's an area for medium to low income Brazilian families so of course they are very price sensitive. Oh and Robh and I drove past a few hours ago (yes we finally met!!) and there are actually two towers of the six still being built. (Sun Gardens = three towers, Sun Towers = three towers)

    It will also depend on how many units the developer still has to sell (if they still have any for sale)


  5. Fernandovich

    Fernandovich New Member

    And how much do you ask for your appartment?
  6. rich devaney

    rich devaney New Member

    Hi it has just been valued at 56000 euros. but i might accept a little lower for a quick sale.

    regards rich
  7. gooner1971

    gooner1971 New Member


    I have a 2 bed in tower B at sun towers, but there seems to be a big problem with the rent guarantee, I should have been receiving rent from august 2008, but the developer has not found anyone who can take this on. i'm not planning to sell for at least another 3 years, and the valuation you have had sounds very promising- are you receiving any rents ?
  8. rich devaney

    rich devaney New Member


    hi good to hear from someone else who have bought in sun t .... i wouldn`t hold out to much hope in receiveing the 5% 5 year rental guarantee but on the plus side if you take out a private rent with a local agent you should receive a better return for my one bed maybe 8 or 9% rental yeild plus you wont be tying yourself into a five year rental contract also with the 5% deal you would have to fully furnish the property which would cost maybe £4000 ... with a private let you wouldn`t have to..... for me personaly i want to sell now and have found a local agent so keeping my fingers crossed with the difference in exchange rates from when i bought i could make £15000 so am quite happy with that,,, good to hear from you and best wishes...

    regards rich
  9. Matida Fernandes

    Matida Fernandes New Member

    Hi, I am a Brazilian solicitor and I act mainly on the property side. I can help you out in this matter if you want to. I studied law in London and have worked for some British investors ever since.
  10. gooner1971

    gooner1971 New Member

    I would be interested in discussing with,please send me your contact details
  11. Matida Fernandes

    Matida Fernandes New Member

    Hi, I have tried to send my e-mail address and telephone, but I can´t as I am a new member. If you could send your e-mail address I would be happy to try and help you out.

    Best Regards
  12. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Hello Matida

    You need to have contributed a minimum of 5 posts on the forums before you can send or receive private messages from other members of the site.

    Best regards


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