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DIY Snagging for your new home in the sun

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by SuziQ2708, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. SuziQ2708

    SuziQ2708 Guest

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  2. SuziQ2708

    SuziQ2708 Guest

    Internal Snagging List


    Plastering and Plasterboard finish to ceilings and walls

    Use the pencil on a cane to mark the ceiling to indicate where blemishes need attention. Use the other pencil on the walls. Use pencils sparingly just to indicate the area needing attention. Never use any pen to do this.
    Is the surface of the plasterwork or plasterboard even and free from obvious hollows and/or bumps?
    Has the plasterwork been neatly finished off (made good) around pipes, light switches, and electrical sockets etc?
    Do any taped joints or corner beads show through the plaster skim or jointing?
    Is there any surface cracking? Shrinkage cracking is to be expected but your new house should be free from all cracking when you first move in and cracking larger than the thickness of a 10p piece at any junction should be attended to by the builder. Is the finish smooth?
    Are reveals at windows and door frames square with the wall and plumb (vertical)?
    Check that internal partition walls look plumb, straight and square.
    Is ceiling flat and free from cracks. Bumps and nail/screw pops?
    Is the coving complete? (If you have any)
    Are joints to coving to internal and external corners and on long lengths neat and invisible?
    Are there any holes or unfinished drylining or plastering – particularly in cupboards and other awkward areas?


    Has every visible surface been decorated?
    Has the decoration covered the background? (no “grinning” through)
    Is all paintwork or decorative finish complete and free from blemishes?
    Are there any excessive paint runs?
    Has any paintwork been damaged or marked?
    Are all mitres in skirtings and architraves neat and filled?


    Has the paintwork been finished off, including undersides of window boards?
    Are the window frames completely clean and free from dirt and dust – especially the sliding hinges?
    Is the frame free from damage? Check the bottom of opening sashes as materials are often dragged through upper floor windows causing damage to soft or PVCu frames.
    Is the double-glazing free from scratches, paint splashes and cracks?
    Have the windows been neatly sealed on the inside of the frame/wall junction with white silicone?
    Is safety glass fitted to low level glazing? Do windows open and shut easily - and if locks are provided, are there keys for each window?

    Doors and Frames (linings)

    Are external doors properly draught proofed?
    Do latches, locks and bolts work properly?
    Are the door handles stiff? Are hinges silent?
    Do doors open and shut properly? Are they loose in the frame (rattle) when closed?
    Are there any screws missing from the hinges, handles or lock plates?
    Is there an even gap between doors/frames?
    Have skirting door stops been fitted (where required) to prevent door handles hitting adjacent finishes?
    Is the paintwork complete, check for any chips or areas not fully glossed?
    Have the door edges been properly prepared (filled and rubbed down) prior to decoration?
    Have all fixings to door linings, stops and architraves been punched and filled prior to decoration?
    Are mortises in the door linings for the latches decorated?
    Are the doors or frames damaged? All dents, chips etc should be filled prior to decoration.
    Is there any paint on the door handles or hinges?
    Have the architrave edges been fully decorated especially where they are close to adjacent walls?
    Has the top edge to the architrave edge (at the head) been filled and decorated?
    Have all visible door top edges been fully decorated? All door top edges are not normally fully decorated as this helps the door to ‘breath’.

    Staircases (Where applicable)

    Is the staircase fixed securely to the adjacent wall? Look for excessive cracking at the string/wall junction.
    Are spindles and handrails fixed securely and newel posts stable?
    Is the gap between the spindles less than 100mm?
    Are the handrails 900mm high?
    Are the treads even and level?
    Is there sufficient headroom? From the nosing pitch line vertically, there should be minimum of 2m clear.
    Has the staircase been decorated fully?
    Are all newels, newel caps (or acorns) free of raised grain, splits or other damage?
    Are the handrails free of damage and fully decorated?
    Are the walls in the staircase area undamaged and unmarked?


    Are they flat?
    Is there any creaking of timber flooring when traversed across?
    Is the junction with the staircase and first floor boarding level?
    Is the first rise in the stairs from the ground floor screed consistent with the rest of the staircase risers?
    Is the ground floor screeding level and flat and free from irregular cracking? (Especially at external doors)
    Has the skirting/floor junction been sealed with clear silicone to prevent draughts?

    Have the heating/air conditioning installation operating instructions been provided?
    Are the stop cocks labelled?
    Are pipes secure?
    Is there any evidence of leaks?

    Bathrooms and WC

    Are all sanitary fittings undamaged and spotlessly clean?
    Is the bath panel fitted? Is it loose (rattles)? Have fixing covers been fitted?
    Does the WC flush and refill properly? Check the half flush
    Do the taps work properly?
    Run the taps, fill basin and bath and check plastic waste pipe work for any leaks.
    Has white waste pipe work been fitted to the basin?
    Have all copper pipes been painted with white gloss? Check under basin.
    Are plugs fitted to bath and basins? Do they operate properly if pop-up type?
    Has the basin and pedestal been fixed with screws to the wall and floor?
    Has the WC cistern and pan been fixed with screws to the wall and floor?
    Is the toilet seat fixed in line with the pan? Is it loose? Is it damaged?
    Does the shaver light or socket work? (If provided)
    Is there obscured glazing to the window(s)?
    Check the privacy lock is operational.
    If accessories are specified or an extra, have they been fitted? (mirrors, towel rails, toilet roll holders etc.)
    Has the wall tiling been set out properly with even cuts at edges and top (if fully tiled)?
    Have the wall tiles been properly drilled out to allow for pipes or rough-cut around pipes? (At shower control valves in particular.)
    Is the grouting neat and complete, especially at low level and around the basin pedestal and WC pan?
    Is the wall tiling clean and shiny - free from all dust?
    Is the bath and basin sealed neatly with white, mould resistant silicone?
    If skirting boards have been fitted, were they packed off the wall before wall tiling to retain the top edge?
    Have internal corners to wall tiling been sealed neatly with white, mould resistant silicone?
    Has the top unglazed edge of wall tiles been decorated?
    If there are spotlights in the bathrooms do they comply for use in wet areas?
    Do light switches in wet areas comply with regulations?
    Are taps labelled correctly for hot and cold?
    Do the extractor fans work? Are they noisy? Do they activate with the light switch?
    Sit on the toilet seat and check the finish of decoration and wall tiling from that viewpoint.
    Does the shower operate properly? Is the shower rose holder rail loose?

    Kitchen & Utility Room

    Do all doors and drawers open and close correctly?
    Are the doors of cupboards hung correctly and do they line up?
    Is the sink free from dents and scratches?
    Have the sink and hob worktop cut edges been sealed?
    Have sink plugs been provided?
    Run the taps and check under the sink for possible leaks.
    Are all kitchen units and worktops and worktop edges free from damage?
    Check joints in worktop are not raised or chipped.
    Check all cupboards have shelving.
    If the boiler is located in a cupboard – Is there sufficient clearance and ventilation?
    Are all pelmets and cornices complete, and fixed with neat mitres?
    Is all under unit lighting working?
    Is the wall decoration around the boiler and flue complete?
    Are all holes for pipework and cables cut neatly and without damage to the units?
    Check behind continuous plinth for debris.
    Are the water main and waste water outlets sealed where they penetrate the floor?
    Are units, particularly wall units, fixed adequately and free from paint splashes?
    Check that any dishwasher and/or washing machine has been plumbed in and connected.
    If not provided, have plumbing and holes been provided in units for future connection?
    Check that water main stop cock is labelled.
    Has the worktop, sink, hob and all internal corners around wall and base units and wall tiling been sealed with a neatly applied bead of white or colour matched silicone?
    Is the wall tiling set out correctly with even cuts at ends and any border sensibly positioned?
    Is the wall tiling cut around sockets neatly (L-shaped cut tiles, not two rectangular pieces)
    Are the sockets above the worktop fixed securely and level?
    Is the grouting complete and tiling clean?
    Is the tiled window cill level?
    Has the top unglazed edge of wall tiles been decorated?
    Is ceramic floor tiling set out parallel with base units with sensible cuts at edges and level?


    Are all appliances undamaged and complete with all accessories?
    Are all appliances working? Check all knobs; turn on all rings and switches etc
    Are the appliance switched spurs labelled correctly and fitted with the correct amp fuse?
    Have operating instructions and relevant guarantees been provided for all appliances and the heating system?
    Are extractor fans correctly ducted to the outside and in working order including the light?


    Check if all sockets are operational.
    Are all sockets and switches absolutely level and in line with each other if adjacent?
    Are all electrical sockets and switches the same make and style?
    Check that all lights work, and that all switches work and are switched the right way.
    If possible check telephone and TV points.
    Are the circuit breakers (fuse trip switches) correctly labelled and accessible?
    Do the smoke alarms work? Test them, they should be linked.
    Does the room thermostat work? Turn it up or down and the boiler should turn on or off.
    Is the room thermostat in the correct location? It should not be in the kitchen.
    Are fan isolators fitted at high level outside all bathrooms and WCs?

  3. wellheld

    wellheld New Member

    Thanks for that Suzanne, very useful
    Extra tips from an English Site Manager
    Snag the bathroom sitting on the loo (thats probably where you'll spend most time) and lying in the bath, in the bedroom lie where the bed would be, you get a very different view.
  4. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Ohhh Suzi you little DIY expert lol. Great tips and advise thankyou both.

    I snagged mine and didnt really find anything wrong. Hubby is in building trade and he told me what to look for - and not worry about little things like a bit of paint on the tile, floor, window etc. He basically told me big flaws to watch out for windows shutting walls even, no cracks, doors shutting opening, locks turning freeling along with taps, check for leaks, sockets etc. Im no expert but snagged it with his guidelines and basically I had nothing to put on a list.

    Hubby will be seeing it for the 1st time in under 3 weeks time so watch this space as he will either be praising me for taking note of what he told me or sending me on the next plane home leaving him to sort it all out!! Honestly tho I found it very easy to do and no need to employ any one else to do it for you. Use it as an excuse to get out there for a holiday girls - on your own as I did!!

    Any one any others to add - no adverts please.
  5. SuziQ2708

    SuziQ2708 Guest

    ahaaa Alison, I only do the admin. side, leave the labouring to the experts LOL ;)

    Maybe you can sticky this thread so it's easy for other forum members to find?

    Let's hope hubby doesn't send you home and extend his stay on the pretext he's re-snagging LOL
  6. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    LOL in his dreams!!

    I have added a link to this thread in red in the link for new members xx
  7. subell

    subell New Member

    Snagging List

    FANTASTIC .......

    This is a great help, wish I'd had it when I bought my new Barrat House, any complaints we had about the house..... they put down to us being newlyweds !!!!!:eek:
    (When a huge piece of ceiling plaster/water fell on us 2 days after moving in and I can assure you it wasn't the earth moving it was the heavens opening up as the water tank had burst in the loft while we were away on honeymoon, and we didn't know).
    This happened quite a few years ago and as I have bought a 1st floor apt in DP2 very unlikely to happen again......
    Ho hum such is life.........
  8. SuziQ2708

    SuziQ2708 Guest

    Oh dear Sue, not good! My husband worked for Barratt Homes quite a few years ago, hope he wasn't responsible :p
  9. iain

    iain New Member

    About to go snagging

    Hi Alison,

    I have copied suziQ2708 's fantastic list for snagging to take with me next week when I go out to Sierra. I know you snagged yours and then Hubby went out with you later - I wondered if he found anything in particular that you missed and hadn't thought of (apart from reaching down your drains to check for blockages!).

    Bye the way I see snagging has cropped up again in another thread in the lounge, maybe these should be merged?

    all the best

  10. SuziQ2708

    SuziQ2708 Guest

    Hi Iain, Good luck with your snagging, I hope you find the list of great use .... oh and don't forget your pencils! LOL ;)
  11. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Iain - I hadnt seen the other thread until now as it was posted whilst I was away. There was some promotional posts for a friend so I have closed the thread as the subject gets a bit tentative as some on here have set up their own businesses and have had to pay for premium membership.

    No I dont think Paul thought of any thing else - apart from the drains!
  12. rosieellen

    rosieellen New Member

    Thanks very much for this will be printing it off and taking it with us I think as we are clue less !!


    Rachel Penney
  13. speedwing

    speedwing New Member

    Thanks Suzi

    Thats a great snagging list, you should print in a book for all new owners, thanks again

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