Divided property reunification



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I live in a setback single family in a dense town just outside of Boston, MA. The property boundary is irregular, covering one-half of a divided rectangular lot (sliced on the diagonal). The neighborhood has access to a new transit system and is currently full of teardown projects to replace old houses with multifamily condo buildings. The front property is going up for sale soon. We are considering purchasing it to maintain control over our front yard (to avoid someone building a large building directly adjacent to the property line). My question is whether there is also any increased value in reunifying the two properties in the future, for instance for a large multifamily development. If I were to maintain the front house with tenants for a few years until I am ready to sell, is the reunified property something that is more attractive to developers? Looking around at other projects in the neighborhood, it seems to me like you could build three townhomes on the unified property to replace the two old single-family houses that are currently here.