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    Someone has asked about Dive Schools here in Hurghada on the Beach Thread so instead of posting there i have opened a thread of its own so as not to join two subjects into one.
    Here are a few pictures of the SeaWolf diving school it is located next to the Sunrise hotel near to the begining of Sekalla. They have 2 well kitted out clasrooms. This is a 5 star padi school and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. They have a small beach area with bar and food.
    There are many dive schools here and this is just an example of one of them chose this because of its 5 star status.

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  2. CMChris

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    There's Dive Tribe who are based at El Gouna, run by an English chappy who's name I forget. They run quite a few boats and will help you with any courses.
  3. propertywatch1

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    If anyone out there has any dive schools they want me to take a look at just pm me and i will find some time to visit them and report back with some photos.
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    Dive Schools


    I have dived for many years in the Red Sea and always found Emperor/Tekstreme (based in the Hilton Resort)to be first class for tuition,day dives and Tech diving


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    emperor's moving i think to the new marina near papas beach or whatever it's called these day's. their are lot's of dive schools the best database of reviews is taucher dot net but it's in German :) hey guy'si know forum's have to have rules maybe you should make active member status by the quality of someone posts not the quantity? (Please remove the URL or email address you have posted. You are only allowed to post emails or URLs to other sites after you become an Active Member and have made 20 posts or more.) I think you can let this one through no? (just highlight the german text and do a alta vista translate or something).

    the 5 star status doesn't mean anything i registered one of our centers as 5 star just because the clients would like it and the other as a padi resort purely because of the cost, but the fact is that you can negotiate with padi and easily get round their rules for registering at any level.
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    His name is Rob Reid 0122415968 great guy and he is a handicap diving instructor also!

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