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Dishdaba - Sahl Hasheesh

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by Jef1, May 18, 2008.

  1. Jef1

    Jef1 New Member

    I have just been reading about a new development called Dishdaba in Sahl Hasheesh. It's on a plot just behind the old town. I would appreciate anyones views on this project as they haven't launched it yet.
    I'm hoping that prices will be reasonable and it is a way for me to get a foot on the Sahl Hasheesh property ladder!
  2. viotel

    viotel New Member

    Do you know the number of plot?
  3. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    plot number is......103 "The throne of sahl hasheesh"

    Dishdaba...Plot number is 102. behind 9a old town and adjacent to 9E. It looks a very big plot, if drawn to scale it is the biggest residential plot on the site. the master plan shows a souk taking up the front of the development, there is also a clubhouse, and a promise of sea and golf views to the North. The properties are apartments, lofts, semis and detatched villas. the company behind it is called Golden Chain, whose chairman is Mr Mohammed Khamis. Khamis is the founder of Orientals Group, who have interantional interests. The architects are Abouseif, who have worked with Sheraton, Hilton, Movenpick..

    The designs are very nice, quite oriental, and it could become a serious competitor to the Veranda. we will have to wait and see the price per m2...

    I picked up a brochure from the sales director at Place in the Sun, but havn't been able to get a price, or a answer to my calls as yet. i'll let you know when I make contact...

    Nice to see another good project on Sahl..
  4. viotel

    viotel New Member

    Hi Ross,

    Sorry to hear you are not with Veranda anymore...
    Do you know anything of Sun Gate in Sahl? Should be beach front - dont have more info..
  5. Alan01

    Alan01 New Member

    Purchasers of Dishdaba have access to the services of Club Dishdaba which is Golden Chain's luxury seafront Boutique Hotel and Spa.
  6. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    although i am no longer sales manager for SPS i am still selling veranda. sun gate i am pretty sure is the *** studio apartments next to ocean breeze.
  7. Kelly15

    Kelly15 New Member

    I'm anxiously awaiting the price list for the Dishdaba apartments.
    As this project hasn't had its official launch yet I think it will be great development to invest in. The prices will only go upwards.
  8. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    Dishdaba news

    This weekend I had a very interesting meeting with the managing director of Dishdaba, "The Throne of Sahl Hasheesh"

    I will have all the details on this development posted up on the property for sale section very soon.

    As mentioned earlier, buyers will have access to boutique hotel that the developers of Dishdaba, are also building. This hotel is on the parcel of land next to the Palm Beach Plaza. The design and concept of this hotel is really exciting. Its all about hip lofts (suites) , sun decks, waterfalls, gardens, a blend of oriental and modern architecture and philosophies. There is a spa, sushi lounge, and a wonderful internal space that will bring tranquility to the guests. Its also quite understated, rather than ostentacious...

    The development of Dishdaba is located behing Old Town, so nice and central. The Souk area they will be creating is directly opposite Old Town, and will be an area of shopping, cafes, shisha...

    behind the souk is the club house..both areas are joined together by a water course..think the alhambra in grenada.

    Adjacent to the club house, and fanning out behind it, is the villas, which range from 125m2 to 350m2. The 125m2 villas are a combi-villa with shared garden, so only good if you have a wish to share with another family member. Most of the villas have already been pre reserved by the developers own clients. Uk buyers can put there names on a list, and we will see if we can accomodate.

    the apartments are a mixture of hip lofts, in the souk area, to studios, and 1 - 3 beds. All beautifully designed.

    Im a big fan of sahl hasheesh, everybody knows...

    Im a huge fan of the design and concept of Dishdaba.

    Exact costings are still being finalised but I can tell you they are extremely competitive, and will surely go up in price very quickly, as the word spreads.

    To qualify for a special pre launch price offer, please register your interest.

  9. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>


    The main agents for Dishdaba will be our associates, Estate Alliance Egypt. Egypt-Real are located in the same office in The Arena Mall, above BurgerKing in Sakkala.

    Dishdaba will be an amazing development with its own designer shops; it is located on high ground on the corner of the new golf course overlooking 'Old Town' and the Bay of Sahl Hasheesh. At the highest point the apartments will be 50 metres above sea level and have amazing views. There will also be individual villas, fabulous gardens, a health club and many water features and swimming pools. The entire project will have it's own 24 hour security. Prices are expected to be very competitive compared with other nearby projects. More information soon.....
  10. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    whatever happened here?

    They came here, met with us all, and dissapeared..?

    whatever happened to Dishdaba???

  11. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>


    Its is interesting to see that the area of land between the Central Piazza and the beginning of Old town which we were told would be the new 6 star Dishdabba Spa Hotel has now been grassed over as per the original Sahl Hasheesh Masterplan.
  12. NeilHollingsworth

    NeilHollingsworth New Member

    Hi Peter, what happened to this project?
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