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Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by Jain and Chris, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Jain and Chris

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    Posted by Kevin 1961
    "i am new to this, forums that is, i have several properties in bansko, of which are nowhere near completion, the first X1 should have been completed in October 2008 and the other X4 October 2009 the later ones are still only an outer shell. i have spoken to the developers, lawyer but seem to be getting nowhere,

    The first Appt is ready but the rest of the complex is not ie, Lobby, Bars, Restaurants, Pools, Spa, Lifts, Access road etc etc, the other x4 are in a different complex but are with the same developer but no more work is going on here, i have asked them to put my monies paid from these x4 towards x2 at the other complex so that i do not have to have a legal battle with them, they will not do this unless i pay them 20,000 euro's more & they are saying that the two complexes are seperate companies & i will not get anything if i take legal action to try and recover my monies.

    i have asked for my monies back on the later ones as i have paid 50% on all of them & according to my contracts they should pay me them back +20% of the purchase price & compensation.

    The Lawyer tells me i have no chance of getting anything back & will waste more money trying.

    Can you kindly give me any advise?"

    Hi Kevin, I think the first thing here is to get independent legal advice. I don't think trying to deal with the developer's lawyer is going to help you - after all if they are the lawyers for the developer, they will naturally be acting in his best interest, not yours.

    Which lawyer is telling you you have no chance of getting anything back? Is this the developer's lawyer?

    You need legal advice on those prelim contracts you have signed. The devil as they say is in the detail, and it is the detail in those contracts which will allow your own lawyer to give you proper advice as to whether you have a case or not.
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    Hello guys & gals, I’m New

    Hi, i'm schoooler

    I’m new to the forum and just saying hello.
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    Off plan

    Sorry to hear your news, had a similar experience, I'm afraid their right you need independant advise and if possible english speaking at least, as I had major problems dealing with my lawyer, based in spain and bulgaria but acting for me, things happen at a very slow pace so dont expect much in the way of completion times scales. We have been ripped off by our developer so my advise would now be dont buy in bulgaria the markets are not good short term expect a long haul and a small return if you can sell and when.
  4. Jain and Chris

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    Hi Charlie

    I reckon there are no good markets short term in the current financial climate and anywhere you buy one could say the same "if you can sell and when", it's certainly not just Bulgaria. It's a buyers market all over the world. I was looking over the internet for foreclosures in USA, UK and Ireland and found thousands and thousands - interestingly, you can hardly find one at all in Bulgaria.

    Problems with the process of purchasing happen all over the world, including Britain and the USA! This is particularly true if you are not familiar with the buying process in that country, don't get your own independent lawyer acting in your own interests, give PoA, don't read the contract for yourself and understand it, are looking to obtain a mortgage, ..... and so on.

    I know this is small comfort to some but it should stand as good sound advice for those who are considering buying: plus there are many property bargains to be found all over the place now, including Bulgaria where a great number of vendors are very realistic on pricing to sell their property.

    Also, things will turn around, they always do... There will be pent up demand - hey, the Brits love moving more than anyone in the world and many are desperate to get out of the UK (nearly 1.5 million of them!!), let alone other nationalities who are keen to do the same - and not even taking into consideration the people who have to move. Fro the banks, well it is in their interests to start releasing lending funds and easing lending criteria - it's the way they make money after all.

    Cheers, Jain and Chris
  5. sheenbg

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    Hi Kevin I have just joined and going through the site. I understand your problems and I am travelling myself to bankso this weekend to sort some mess out with ***. The problem in Bulgaria is if they do not hear you well use some force and all will be done.
    I was born and brought up in Africa and this tricks works all over so worst comes senario for me let see the guns on the table. And i mean it since this is my money and no one take it for free.
    I have been in Bulgaria since 2004 and never bought an off plan apartment and never encouraged anyone to buy one as the mess invloved in it is not worth the money.
    I am not saying all developers are crooks but 95% are so what do you do?
    Anyways is your lawyer independent? Did you choose him/her or did the developer choose? Did you know lawyers could be bought as well so be carefull on whose side they are acting sometimes both so long as the moeny is ticking clever b*******s.
    Anyways if you want me to check up on your developments give me a shout.
    All the best
  6. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Morning Sheenbg, welcome to the site :)

    I'm afraid I cannot condone violence or the use of guns. It may be your money but it is only money and threatening people with guns is out of the question to get results.

    Yes, there are bad apples - but certainly not 95% of them are crooks.

    You really need an independent lawyer acting solely in your interests. Many of the problems which are happening now stem from the preliminary contract which buyers have signed. If you don't know which lawyer to use, we have two lawyers which write for our magazine, both of whom have huge property experience, are English speaking and have acted successfully for our site visitors and Members.

    Best wishes
    Jain and Chris
  7. want-to-ski

    want-to-ski New Member

    ripped off in Bansko

    I baught off plan in Bansko. It turns out the developers i baught from were corrupt. one partner of the development company stole €7mil and the other shot him. so one dead, other in jail. Then, my lawyer - who i thought was independent - turns out she was in bed with the dead developer and is being investigated for selling some of the same properties several times over and also for skimming on the contracts(secretely negotiating a separate contract for the purchase at a lower price, under the authority granetd under POA, but never showing the real contract for ownership - that she signed).

    I have made two thirds of stage payments but now building has stiopped and i do not actually know if i own anything.

    where can i find a lawyer I CAN TRUST to sort this mess out for me?

    Very sad
  8. want-to-ski

    want-to-ski New Member

    Ripped off in Bansko

    Meant to say that the development, which was due for completion (Act 16) in April 2008, is still being sold on several websites.
  9. sheenbg

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  10. sheenbg

    sheenbg New Member

    Hello Mr Jain Goodhall
    I am sorry to offend anyone here by speaking the truth.
    For you money may be paper but for me when it is hard earned working 18hours a day it is something more then paper.
    In short i shocked a developer 500m away from your offices in Varna go and ask him what happened since he refused an English Client a women and her daugther to sort there roof on his new developement that they bought.
    I stepped in when their Agent A Bulgarian run company would do nothing. I did threaten him and a new roof constructed to my specificatoin was installed in the next 3 months. Come out of your office and go over the tunnel near the sort of New Salad bar and walk past it as if you want to reach the other side of the tunnel and turn your eyes on the left there are some new buildings on the other side of the road in pale yellow.
    On the top of it you will see some orange colour conservatory.
    This was installed last year after the women client and her daugther having bought the apartment 2 years after completion the developer and their agent did nothing about it.
    SO in my case i will shake the person with my money when all other efforts prove to have failed.

    Oh and I don;t use lawyers anymore to check my documents anymore as they just read what is written on it without getting up form their leather chairs and charging me a bomb.
    I would rather go to the respective authorities and notaries my self to check the documents.
    I have done it now over 10times and found it the better way.
    Then again I leave in Bulgaria so it is an advantage to me.

    Hope all this helps to people and if someone is looking for me search my name.
  11. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Hello sheenbg

    I'm a bit confused by your post; you make two references to our office in Varna - we don't have an office in Varna. For me too, money is very hard earned with long hours.

    Perhaps threats and violence are part of your package, I don't know, but I personally would not want to work or do business with anyone who takes this kind of approach to solving problems. Behaviour breeds behaviour and this type of thing just becomes a downwards spiral.

    I know of many foreign buyers who have used Asja Mandjukova (GPNG Law Firm, Sofia) and she has successfully saved them a great deal of money and won cases against developers on their behalf - resorting to law and not violence.

    As you will be well aware, it is not possible for many foreign buyers to check documents for themselves. They are better off leaving this in the hands of an independent lawyer who is acting in their sole interests. I certainly would not trust checking of documents to just anyone; nor to an agent, particularly if I were buying the property through them. This is where so many of the problems which people report have stemmed from.
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    Hi jain i have read through several of your posts and came across this "discussion" over breach of contracts.Pretty scary stuff!!I have started a thread up recently on off plan purchase with eurosilex and have found several people in same boat.I have sent an e-mail to [email protected] etc but they have not got back to me .I will resend to this Asja and see if she replies.In case you have not read anyof our threads regarding eurosilex i am desperate to find a lawyer i can trust!Rather to late it appears i have seen how easy it is to fleece someone financially and potentially destroy lifes Betty b
  13. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Morning Bettyb

    I can personally recommend Asja Mandjukova. She is a partner of GPNG Law Firm in Sofia. She speaks excellent English and has acted for myself in the past and also some of the Quest Bulgaria members.

    If you do not get a reply on the [email protected] address, then her email is [email protected] . Bear in mind that she is often in court on cases, so she may not reply to you immediately.

    Best wishes
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    hello,all. i am new here :) My first topic :)

    Hello everybody,
    I am michel from Paris ( France ) . im 43 yrs old ..i am new here . i have just boomarked this website :)
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    Great post, but its a bit long and most people like short and sweet posts!

    Great post, but its a bit long and most people like short and sweet posts!
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    hello peolpes
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    I can recommend Milen Hristov in Sofia. Details are on my site under my signature as to types of cases he has helped deal with. Has given me free legal help on odd occasion and speaks excellent English. Already dealing with several court cases against Bulgarian Dreams and other developments.
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    I'm thinking of buying this and was wondering how many of you may have tried it/are using it
    and your comments or feedback. In other words; does it actually work 100% like it states in
    the sales page?

    The videos are pretty believable but I just want to be sure before I lay down the dough...
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    Buying what senuke? This thread is about independent lawyers and troubles with off plan.
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