Did Someone forget Panama



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Hi have been reading the forum for some time and wondered why there has been little reference to Panama.

This country is in the middle of not just a Real Estate Boom but also an economic Boom.

We have a country that is so essential to the Global market because of the canal. More and more ships are traveling through the canal and we are now expanding the canal to accommodate larger ships and more of them.

Panama has a stable economy and a stable government and one things that is clear when the government makes a promise they actually make good on there word.

Something I noticed down here is the growth in tourism, not from the UK and Europe but from the US, Canada and South America.

I remember my days in Florida were the big talk always with home owners was rental will I get them and will it cover my outgoings. I also remember the management companies with the incredible exaggeration on the weeks the owners would get.

We in Panama rentals are not an issue in fact the problem down here is where can I stay. Rents for a 1 bed unit with Ocean views are around $2,800 per month.

I have always maintained what is the point in buying a cheap unit if it don't rent or carry its costs? After 6 months that unit aint cheap no more.

On the Caribbean side of Panama that area is just opening up to developers with the construction of the new highway from Panama City to Colon. Prices for properties are very low in fact a beach front property starts from around $83,500 for a studio unit.

If anyone wants to get more first hand details on property in Panama then please let me know. I am a Brit living in Panama full time so I have the time to find out the answers to your questions.

Oh and did I mention immigration? Panama is one of the most immigration friendly countries I know. They even give you discounts to move down here.

I will be posting more information on Panama over the next few days so keep watching and reading.