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Deyaar Park - Downtown Jebel Ali - still a sand pit

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by desert dream, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. desert dream

    desert dream New Member

    This project on paper promised to be one of the most exciting developments in Downtown Jebel Ali. Now after paying 30% construction has still not started. Deyaar says they are waiting for the Limitless to give them the plot - but its aleady been 1.5 years.
    What do you guys think - Will Deyaar be able to deliver this property - or do they have issues internally and their parent company Dubai Islamic Bank.
    Investors have bought full floors in the commercial towers and are deeply disappointed..obviously there is no buyers in sight at the moment but the concern is will this project get off the ground..investors have no choice but to pay till completion.

    Your views on this project are most welcome.

    My view is - Deyaar should cancel this project and return the funds - I dont see any demand for property in Downtown Jebel Ali.

  2. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    I see Deeyar as a reputed developer. The reason could be that the master developer has not handed over the plot as yet.

  3. desert dream

    desert dream New Member

    I agree Deyaar has delivered in the past but they should really start on this project ivestors are extremely frustrated..30% paid and no work started..and they want 10% in may 09
  4. reasonant

    reasonant New Member

    Anyone who invested in Deeyar Park, please get in touch. Thanks.
  5. oasis2buyer

    oasis2buyer Banned

    Sand pits and holes everywhere - no investor has ever received all their monies back from any courts. The only case publicised was Mizin and the investor was apparently successful!
  6. vinay212

    vinay212 New Member

    Deyaar park jebel ali downtown

    Hi I invested in deyyar park three yr back and they are saying that there is no question of returning my moiney so we should consolidate .I am not intersted to consolidate can anyone tell me if i file a case will i win as today i got a call form deyaar forcing to take something other than this when i denied she told me that whatever u do will not get the money back and she also mentioned that ur contract sales agreement has also no value now as rera is doing everything now and if u dont agree with consolidation ur proerty will be fortfeited means ur money.what should i do pls advise me or all deyaar investors can meet up at some place ?
    thanks for your advise in advance
  7. mohaymin

    mohaymin New Member

    Deyaar Park Investor - Need help!

    Hi there reasonant. I am a Deyaar Park investor. I cannot find your contact details. I would really like to discuss with you my case. I would appreciate it if you could email me on "mohi . monem @ gmail . com"

    looking forward to hearing from you.

    thanks and regards,

  8. Salma Raul

    Salma Raul New Member

    Deyaar Park is still a sand pit as there are less amount of buyers and investors are working at a slow pace.
  9. goingdown

    goingdown New Member

    i have also invested in 2 apartments in deyaar park, dont have a clue what is going on with them. cant get a straight answer out of deyaar!!
    can anyone help???
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