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Development Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Africa Property' started by Roger, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Roger

    Roger New Member

    Hi all,

    I have just sent off my deposit for the Hania beach development, but see lots of good and bad comparisons being made to other developments and between other developments. These are dotted all over the forum, and it is difficult to get a true idea members' views.

    I won't be in Egypt until June, by which time I really have to have made a decision, so I can't go and see things for myself.

    I've started this thread to try and bring everything together. What do you think of each of the developments currently taking place, or due to take place in the near future? How do you think they compare (price, location, quality, developer)?

    I don't want to start any rows here, so please can we keep it civil - a discussion not an argument - and if anyone has a vested interest please disclose it or stay out of the discussion!

    I look forward to your comments.

  2. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Roger and welcome to the forum.

    There are so many developments out there especially in Hurghada etc and I think buyers are starting to get swamped with all the choices. It is very difficult to know if you have made the right decision or not.
    We have bought in Nabq in Sharm and doubts creep in especially as I have made so many friends on here that have bought in Hurghada.
    I would say go with your gut instinct and follow your heart. As long as you can afford somewhere and you think you have a bargain then go with the flow. You can forever be saying to yourself what if and but.
    We paid a small ( £200 ) refundabale reservation fee at The Place in the Sun exhibition in Sept last year because we had already booked a holiday to Sharm in the October and used this holiday to visit the development.If we did not like what we saw we would have got the £200 back so we had nothing to lose. It would not have been our 1st choice but we considered it to be a bargain and it was what we can afford without getting ourselves in debt. It has always been my dream to own my own little place in the sun so when I retire I will be dangling my wrinkly legs in the pool. We didnt want a mansion just a 1 bedroom with direct access to beach and pool.
    Im sure if you continue with your purchase you will be happy with it.

    Good luck

  3. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned


    After reading all the thread on Hania beach development, and not being an agent myself and trying to sell anything on here. I t would have totally put me off the development, there are alot of developments being built from scratch not doing up old build's.

    But like queenie say's do what you think right but looking with your own eye's is better to know an area.

    On pictures everything looks wonderful because you only get what you are allowed to see the best parts.

    Hurghada is one big building site with protential and you have to realise the rental market is along time off.

    Make your own mind up and don't listen to the rubbish that is said to try and sell things to you.

    Think all the agents now have gone off me, but i am being honest. and only a normal person that has bought an apartment in hurghada. Also i know alot about the area because i made it my buisiness to find out what i was buying into.

    WESTMIDS33 Banned

    Inspection Trip

    Hi Roger,

    I think this type of thread will just fill your head with further confusion. My advice to anyone is read alll the different threads and whittle down to a handful. There is no quick answer!

    The next step is go out there and see each development for yourself. I did exactly the same and believe me I was bombarded with different developments prior to going out. When I got to Hurghada I saw the reality and bull**** that had been thrown at me by various people especially agents.

    No matter how busy you are almost anyone can take a few days out before signing anything. Thomas cook do flights from friday to tuesday and tuesday to friday for average £250-300. That will be money well spent and will save you long hours of stress. If you cannot get out there then send a family member or friend that you can trust....BUT someone should carry out an inspection.

    Its only then that you will be able to see genuine comments by people on this forum from the exaggerated brown stuff....?


  5. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned

    ok westmids i did not explain as good as you but i totally agree with you, and that was what i ment

    So ROGER take note get out and see for yourself or like westmids says send a family member or very close friend on your behalf before parting with any more money.

    Hope this helps


    WESTMIDS33 Banned


    Hi Jayne,

    Just for the record me, Awahee and Derek have no problem with you and we value your opinion.


  7. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned

    Thanks westmids,

    If agents did there homework better there should not be all the bad reports on the forum, because anyone know's who has been to hurghada it is a lovely place and well worth investing in. So come on agent's get the fact's right and look after your customer's or you will loose them.

  8. kimkonnoris

    kimkonnoris New Member

    i'll have to second that quote!!!!!!!

    i am hoping to buy in the hurgarda region as soon as our house is sold. To many bad reports is starting to confuse me, it's getting to the point where you don't know whose an agent and whose just an ordinary purchaser?
    discussions are fine, but when they turn nasty, it's not nice.

    so please tell us 100% facts, or people will begin to look for advise else where

    regards Kim x

    WESTMIDS33 Banned

    Just The Facts Maam?

    Hi kim,

    I agree there are bad and misleading reports put forward by agents or agents purporting to be ordinary people.

    That is why me and my colleagues keep telling people to use this forum as a guide but go out to Hurghada and see for themselves.

    Hurghada is a great place and it would be a shame if a few greedy people put the purchasers off with their greedy antics.


  10. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    I think the best way forward here is for all agents to introduce themselves in the intoductions section.Usually you will find agents do have a link to their webs etc in their signature so from this you should be able to tell who is and isn't an agent.
    There probably is a few agents who lurk around the forum then private message prospective buyers,if and when they do just refuse to deal with them unless they are known agents.There is no need for them to be secretive about anything.
    Also one last tip if you are interested in a particular development ask a few different agents what they can offer you at the development you are interested in,you may find this useful to confirm that you are receiving the correct information.
  11. kimkonnoris

    kimkonnoris New Member

    thanks, good sound advice
  12. redangel7861

    redangel7861 New Member

    Hi Roger.

    Like you I am an investor and not an Agent. Like you I have put down a £4,000 reservation deposit on two studio flats in Hania Beach. I came to this board for some honest advice, but instead was bombarded by an agent with private messages asking me if I wanted to purchase in Hurghada from him. He raised some valid points stating that the shell for the developemnt had been standing there for a period of time.

    After speaking to the developer today I was assured that all brick work would be re-built and that the development would be five star. I have also asked the developer for confirmation on how long the shell has been standing there and will let you know when they get back to me with an answer.

    I asked why they had purchsed that plot. They responded by saying that it was very difficult to get hold of beach front land and they purchsed the plot not to save money but to attain a beach front development. Apparently the Military own the beach front land (please can someone confirm) hence, it's difficult to attain beach front developments.

    Again I have nothing to loose. The £4000 is refundable if I am not impressed with the project after the presentation on the 29.02.08.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2008
  13. Roger

    Roger New Member

    Thanks to all for the advice so far - keep it coming!! Unfortunately it will not be easy for me to get out there before June and there is no one I can trust who also has the knowledge to make assessments, who can go out for me.

    Redangel, I've been onto the developer too, so will let you know if I get a different story! They did drop into one email that the release date may be set back a few weeks as they are changing the roof somehow (bar going in?).

    Have you been/are you going out to see the development?

    As regards agents on this forum, I was contacted by a couple, but have been put under no pressure and have not been bombarded. Perhaps recent complaints are being taken seriously.

    Thanks again all.

  14. redangel7861

    redangel7861 New Member


    I'm am looking to fly out in the next few weeks. I'll take some pictures and post them on the board.
  15. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned

    Thats it redagel, like we all have been saying go and look for yourself, take pictures or the surrounding area too and get plan's of area what is going to to be near.

    it is a lovely land so go with open eye's

    regards Jayne
  16. Roger

    Roger New Member

    Thanks Redangel, I'd appreciate that.

    Although I am quite sick that you're going and I'm not!;)

  17. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Due Diligency Reports are sometimes helpful

    One thing that you should look for is a developer who makes available key information without being asked.

    This may be a full official report by an independant body, or maybe just all the key documents provided in an easy to read package.

    Many of the big agents like to tell you that they do this before they agree to sell a development - mainly for their own protection, and then when you ask for the report it either takes months to arrive or they do not release it.

    Rgardless, YOU Need to ask the key questions direct to the developer - if this has to be via an agent then make sure the information is written with the name of the person giving the info, and the source.
  18. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    I would also say to find out as much information on the developer as you possibly can. Find out how many other developments he has, how many he has completed, have they been on time, previous cutomers feedbacks made available etc etc etc.
    Ensure that your lawyer checks the land and that the developer owns such land and there are no debts etc attached to it.
  19. I think telling real information even it was against what you sell is not a crime, I think this was the main reason to establish this forum that all people know the truth and info from all sides and any way I advice every one to not pay anything or purchase anything before site views in realty because it will give you a totaly new Ideas and will help you to make a realy concept if what can fits you i hope this is not bombarding ;)
  20. Totaly true westmed and i support your opinion. and we all try to tell the members and visitores of this forum true information. what ever agents or normal people that its like we are one family around here, so if one is hurted all of us will, its easy to lie and so difficult to tell the truth and that what we trying to do here tell all info available in our hands but some think we fight them which is not true
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