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Developers who have reduced the OP

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Direct2Dxb, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Direct2Dxb

    Direct2Dxb New Member

    It was mentioned in the newspaper last week that Deyaar has reduced the price of some of their projects (that were already sold).
    Also, from a blog on this site someone mentioned that a developer in Maritime City has reduced the original price by 45%.

    In light of this, does anyone know of any other "price reductions"? Which developers and which projects?

    Can we "try" to exclude rumours to keep the info as reliable as possible.
  2. Sportsman

    Sportsman New Member

    The Dunes Residences in Dubai Sports City from Dunes properties, has offered to reduce approx 12% and pass on savings from lowered building costs to the investors. It's really a good way to try and renew faith and confidence in a project.
  3. SaleemUk

    SaleemUk New Member

    Alghadeer price reduction

    Alghadeer by Sorouh is another that is proposing a price reduction. i have it on very good authority from a contact in their sales team that alghadeer will shortly be re-priced back to 950sqft. for those that bought at 1600sqft (average price) and put down 10%, their deposit will translate into 25% and up to 40% in some cases. the payment plan is also to be relaxed and there may be 'no further payments until completion' i was told. other fee waivers are being considered such as loan processing and transfers. the abu dhabi govt is stepping up support to ensure confidence remains in these projects that are part of the 2030 plans and for semi-govt companies like Sorouh. all good news.
  4. DelboyG

    DelboyG New Member

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