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Developers in Albania?

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by Peter Mitry, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    I am seeking a Developer with planned projects in Albania for a major client who is interested in projects which have not yet been released on to the market? Does anyone have any contacts which could be useful?
  2. valnet

    valnet New Member


    Are you maube interested in investing and developing in Montenegro?
  3. Stingo

    Stingo New Member

    Albania is hotting up !

    Hi Peter

    Having been selling property in Albania for nearly a year now as the first agency outside Albania to promote property in that wonderfully beautiful country, I do have some experience and am in daily contact with my colleagues on the ground there who are always on the look out for new projects for me to market.
    In a market that is becoming more and more of interest as the weeks go by, I am always looking out for new areas for development and may well have something new and very good in a few weeks.
    Drop me a line to discuss our latest projects and what we have in mind for the future Peter.
    If you wish we can PM to take things further.

    Kind regards
    Richard ( Stingo )

  4. claudio_italy

    claudio_italy New Member

    I am developing various project in Albania in case you are still interested.
  5. Stingo

    Stingo New Member

    Claudio - Please pm me.

    Kind regards
  6. claudio_italy

    claudio_italy New Member

    I can't. Just subscribed, it doesn't allow me to send PM. Is it allowed email address or msn posting?
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