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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Mohamed, May 21, 2007.

  1. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member

    Dear All,

    Hope some of you guys can shed some light on studios apartments that I have purchased on the Desert Rose development in Jumeirah Village South.

    Details of the apartments are as follows:

    Development: Desert Rose
    Developer: Desert Home
    Master Developer: Limitless
    Location: Jumeirah Village South

    The questions I have are as follows:

    1) Can anybody tell me if they have heard of Desert Home and if so, what sort of reputation they have (I belive they have one other development in Dubai which they have completed)

    2) I purchased the studios (424 sqft) at approximately 350,000 AED each. Does that sound like a good investment for this development/area ?

    3) I have recently been told by the developer that the project was due to be completed by March 2008, but shoring had only started in March 07 and that they believed the project would be completed by June 08. Does this sound like usual developer talk or is this feasible (anybody with any recent news on progress at Jumeirah village south!) ?

    4) Realistically, what sort of price could I expect from this sort of apartments now, and when fully complete (based on similar developments in the village) ?

    Anybody able to answer any of the above questions will help me allay some of my fears as I live in London!

  2. DubaiDan

    DubaiDan New Member

    I think you should have done your research before you bought. Unfortunately impulse buying by people thinking they can make a quick buck rather than a long-term investment is what is causing prices and rents to spiral out of reach for those of us who have to make a living here. One day the bubble will burst and I, for one, will not be sorry.
  3. KhalilAhmed

    KhalilAhmed New Member

    To Mohamed

    I Am from Dubai, the Price u purchased is very very high(Note if you bought in resale than this price is OK). If you stay overseas this is what happens. If you have some trusted person in dubai u should have gone thru him

    Khalil Ahmed

  4. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member


    It was from resale and via agents, so I knew I would be paying higher than purchasing direct from the developers.
  5. kelly white

    kelly white New Member

    The Desert Rose devlopement in Jumeriah Village South

    I heard it has been delayed, and the completion is not due till next year, is this right?, have you sold your apt yet?.
  6. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    1) Don’t know them.

    2) Overprized.

    3) You should be celebrating if get possession before end of 2009
  7. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member


    This project and all others in JVS have been delayed due to the fact that JVS infrastructure works are delayed, but more importantly, lateness in handover of plots to developers by Limitless, so it is not just this project.

    Having spoken to the developers directly, realistic completion date is currently 1st quarter of 2009. On a positive note, I can confirm that construction of the project has started and excavation works are currently going on. Desert Rose is one of the first developments in JVS to have started, so I'm hoping that they'll be one of the first to finish.

    I've also been told by the developer, Desert Homes that they have only studio apartment left (which I believe is true as it's very difficult to find Desert Rose apartments for sale on other websites). I also know that prices have recently gone up, partly due to construction having started, capital appreciation, but also because they've nearly sold out of studios and Desert Homes are also Escrow compliant.

    As for my studio, I still have my studio. Are you looking into buying into this development ?

    Hope this helps.
  8. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Mohammad, If you purchased in 05- 2007 at that price , you could have purchased in Marina or JLT or Business Bay or Jumeirah.
    But anyway,Let s hope that your patience pay you well , , , Still if you find good price , sell this one and go for City of arabia or sports city or IMPZ....I purchased 700 psf and now it is 895 psf ... this happened in 3 months ! ! ! Can u believe it ? ? ?
  9. kelly white

    kelly white New Member

    Yeah I am interested in buying, could you send your price please, and are you the first owner, or you u bought it through re-sale?.

  10. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member


    I've just posted some information on your other post (please check my reply there).

    I'll PM you the price with other details, if that helps you.
  11. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    1) Not heard of Desert home. Developments in Jumairah village are freehold but the attached report has something else to say. I have attached a report which I downloaded, please read " request for long term lease " in the report. Pls clarify this with the developer. The development is done by Mirak group who are into agriculture. Mirak lettuce and strawberries are quite popular in Dubai.

    2) As per yesterday's gulf news the prices in the secondary market is between 650 to 750 dhs psf.

    3) It would require a developer atleast 2 years to complete a project. June 2008 does not sound realistic.

    4)As per the current rates, you could rent out for atleast Dhs 60,000 -70,000. When more supply comes into the market, there will be corrections on that but hopefully should not drop below Dhs 50,000.

    Have you taken mortage or are you self financing. As long as you are on positive cash flow, you should not worry as money is coming in and not going out.

    Only time will tell who is good or bad in Dubai. Most of them are developing their first projects in Dubai. On which yard stick will you judge these people.

    Do not panic, you have taken a decision to buy, now you should try and find ways of making it work.

    Jumairah village will be a good place for community living. It could prove good in the long run.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2008
  12. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member


    Just to clarify that I now have answers to the questions that I posted a year ago on this forum. I would like to correct you however on this Mirak group report - Desert Rose is a residential development in Jumeirah Village South and not a horticultural project in The Green City - I think you have your wires crossed!

    Anyway, as I’ve had quite a lot of messages from interested parties in Desert Rose, my findings are summarised:

    Developer: The developer is Desert Homes FZCO, who are escrow compliant (No 200 on the list). I believe they are currently in the process of completing their first project, Marina View Towers in Dubai Marina, so they do have some sort of reputation for delivering.

    Project: Desert Rose is located in Jumeirah Village South and construction is under way, with excavation works currently ongoing. Completion dates are given as being 1st quarter 2009, which may be possible as these are G+4.

    Hope this helps.
  13. Roshan

    Roshan New Member


    Sorry about that. Anyway, all's well that ends well.

    Good luck.

  14. Jet Set

    Jet Set New Member

    Hi Kelly Ihave 3 properties in JVS and I bought direct from developer. If you still have interest and wan't to buy at below market value please email me.
    moali74 at hotmail dot co dot uk
  15. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member

    What's the latest on this project ? Has there been any construction or are Desert Homes still using the same excuse of being delayed by Nakheel ?:rolleyes:
  16. rasha1312

    rasha1312 New Member

    hi Mohamad how r u?
    about desert rose project i think the delay from nakheel and its true since nakheel has alot of problems now, and me personaly I know the Owner of desert home real estate , and 4 sure the dely not from their side and they already completed a tower in marina which all sold out ,
    just all u need is to wait untill completion or u can sell ur apartments and invest ur mony in diffrent project like Mizin Remraam which is the price already shoots.
    if u want any advice email me rasha.mashni at g mail dot com
  17. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member

    Desert Rose by Desert Home in JVS

    Guys, anyone have any updates on the progress of this project ?
  18. JVSjlt

    JVSjlt New Member

    Project on Hold,developer partners in legal bettle,sure in big trouble
  19. ag05-jvs

    ag05-jvs New Member

    desert home-desert rose

    i had also purchased an apartment in the desert rose, and am very worried about the future of the project, how many more people have fallen into the trap in this project? can we do anything?
  20. ag05-jvs

    ag05-jvs New Member

    I booked an apartment in the project Desert Rose by Desert Home, and
    after much contact I have not received a reply since 2009. I am quite
    worried about this so are there any other people that were affected by
    this project? Please come forward and contact me so that we can take
    legal action against Desert Home and recover our money. Thank you

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