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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by subell, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. subell

    subell New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am conducting a survey aimed at DP1 purchasers and any other development who may have purchased furniture from Delise design.

    I hope you don't mind taking part and obviously positive and negative replies are acceptable.

    I would like to know the following:-

    What did you think of their furniture package in terms of quality, quantity and price?
    Were you happy with their choice of fixed fittings arrangement in your apt.. and did you have any input?
    How do you rate their Customer Service department.... and how have you found their After Sales Service?... re any problems etc....
    Are all items covered by warranties - this also includes the Air Con? if you bought one.
    On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you with your purchase at the end of the day?

    Thank you in advance for your help and if you would like to add anything other than the replies to my questions.... go ahead
  2. typhoon

    typhoon New Member

    The overall quality of the furniture packs at Desert Pearl seemed to be of a poor quality in comparison to UK standards and I was shocked to fine lack of any choice in the furniture designs and colour schemes. Everything was brown and white from the studio apartment to the three bedroom apartment. I also opened one of the fitted wardrobes and found shelves and fixings to be misaligned and corrected with silicone!

    This really put me off buying an apartment on this complex. So I am still looking!

    Unfortunatly I can not answer the after sales service question.

    However, I was talking to the customer relations manager in my hotel the Pyramisa Sahl Hasheesh, and believe there is a UK company setting up a show home based somewhere in Hurghada targeting the British investor in the next few months. He told me the company was called Alexandria Furniture Ltd and run by a Brit female. He did say he would email some details but I am still waiting. Have you heard of this company, or do you have any details on them? Paul
  3. subell

    subell New Member

  4. chriscross34

    chriscross34 New Member

    Hi Sue, i am guessing that you have had a bad experience with this company? That does concern me, please let me know more, Chris
  5. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Shocked !!!

    Hi subell

    DP1 is a big problem for many other furniture suppliers and developers simply because this development was one of the first to be completed and the standard that has been set here for just about everything in rather low. The furniture packs, whilst not looking too bad, have limitation regarding how much wear and tear they can take (having stayed a DP1 a few times).
    There are many suppliers in Hurghada (some make locally, some in other parts of Egypt) who supply really top quality stuff, but it's not cheap.
    Things used to be much cheaper than in the UK however now that we have lost over 30% in currency fall it's not easy to get low cost AND high quality.

    So far we have only supplied to our own owners but maybe we should have an open day and let other owners see what is available.

  6. chriscross34

    chriscross34 New Member

    hi guys, i found this business on the net, anyone dealt with them and can provide feedback on , quality, range and price of furniture and aftersales service?

    Red Sea Furniture

    thanks Chris
  7. samui13

    samui13 New Member

    Hi Chris, I made an enquiry with them. They were very helpful and responsive but came out too expensive for me. I really liked their arabesque style furniture. Their prices on the web are out of date. Mind you saying that, I think all the furniture packs seem to have risen over time so may not be much more than some others.
    Hope Marsa is going well for you guys and you are now getting some progress.
  8. chriscross34

    chriscross34 New Member

    Hi Louise, lovely to hear from you. MABR seems to be going okay. Sue Lovett is very prompt in responding to queries and the website looks good too with regular updates.

    You've gone for a place in Sharm haven't you? bet u can't wait. Where did you get your furniture from in the end? I agree about Red Sea living, they have a lovely arabesque range which is the kind of thing you might expect in an exotic country.

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  9. samui13

    samui13 New Member

    Hiya Chris, glad to hear all is going smoothly. Whilst all the painful waiting was going on, Sue was always the really helpful one all the way through. If one of the directors there was as pleasant as Sue when we spoke via email, we would still be purchasing there!

    We did buy in Sharm in a place called Nabq and are very pleased with our purchase. The area is really really lovely. Our apartment is very nearly ready (fingers crossed!). We havent ordered any furniture yet but are hoping to do so with a couple of local guys who at the moment are only in Sharm. We are going out around April May time for handover (again fingers crossed)!!

    Anyway good luck with your purchase.

  10. masa_1704

    masa_1704 New Member

    Sue, panic, have you seen all the threads have been removed for "the concerned develpments", have already had my posts removed that have had the "said" words! This is total madness, can you email me the builder cannot say his name, my email is [email protected]. Just need to know that my place is mine. Thank you Marie
  11. manxspirit

    manxspirit New Member

    Hi Sue,
    Have you had or know of any problems with Delise Design and their furniture packs?

  12. subell

    subell New Member

    Hi Dave

    I'm still waiting for my package I'm in DP2

    There was some problems I beleive from other purchasers, there was different views on the quality, finish, Aircon etc... this is why I started this thread to get some feedback.
  13. manxspirit

    manxspirit New Member

    Hi Sue,
    Thx for the quick reply, I have been trying to speak to Nina at Delise for some weeks now and she never answers her phone returns calls etc ,etc.

    As I purchased, if it ever gets completed in 'Coral Sea Pearl', together with a friend, we wanted to find out from D'elise, if the furniture pack would be suitable for permanent living rather than pure rental, as we are unsure if there is any wardrobes fitted, or otherwise in our studio.

    We have started to become quite annoyed now that they dont answer the phone, respond to emails and we are now thinking of canceling our order with D'elise but are unsure where we stand on that front, having already paid 50% 13 months ago before the march 2008 price increase which appears never to have happened.

    So we have been a little more put off with some of the comments on here regarding the 'quality' of their furniture.

    I guess your DP2 is considerably delayed as well?

  14. subell

    subell New Member

    Yes she is very hard to get hold of.

    I too have bought a studio and was told by Nina these will be fitted somewhere, but I am not sure.

    I take it you know all about the problems with WWD, El-Riad we are experiencing.
    We are now not allowed to post on this forum on any El-Riad development.
    I suggest you go on to the Web World Property Forum. to get more information about your development. ASAP We also have a residents committee now.

  15. samui13

    samui13 New Member

    residents committee

    Hi Subell, sorry just hijacking the post.

    How did you go about setting up your resident committee. Is it an official one approved by the developer or something you guys set up on your own.

    Would be interested to hear as we are trying to do something similar for our development.

    Many thanks.

  16. subell

    subell New Member

    Hi Lou

    We set it up ourselves amongst the residents.
    I am not aware that the developer has to approve it as our apartments are freehold.
  17. samui13

    samui13 New Member

    Ah I see, thanks for responding.

  18. manxspirit

    manxspirit New Member

    Hi Sue,
    Thx for the tip of the other website had no idea things were that bad no wonder i cant get d'elise on phone so have you and me got apartments or not??? does anyone know??


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