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Delays in getting TAPU / title deed

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by frank, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. frank

    frank New Member

    I have physical possession of my off-plan appartment but am still waiting on the deeds for over 1.5yrs now.

    I have already paid 2,500 euros to Kazmaz solicitiors in Bodrum to pursue it for me and they seem to be getting nowhere. :(

    I reasoned the delay were due to the recent changes in Turkish laws to allow foreign land ownership but these issues have been resolved some months ago.

    The solicitor has since been telling me that due to the developer's death earlier this year, there are outstanding inheritance / succession issues to be settled before the developer's son can finally hand over the TAPU.

    My gut instinct is telling me the developer does not have the cash to pay for the tapu or some taxes before the notary can provide him with the tapu's for all appartments on the complex. Does this sound credible?

    I have withheld only 10% of the stage payment balance so I don't have good bargaining chips left to entice the developer.

    If anyone can offer advice (apart from recommending more expensive solicitors) like confirming how long does it normally take for a wealthy hotelier / developer family inheritance issue to be settled and what can I do to find out the status?
    Thanks in advance,
  2. esmerelda

    esmerelda New Member

    We bought an apartment 6 years ago and aplot of land 3 years ago. The apartment Tapu took 18 months to come through..& we were lucky! One guy in our complex waited 3.5 years for the tapu to arrive. The land tapu also took one year. Now this was without any complications. Inheritance issues in Turkey can be complex dependent on the size of the family (often large) & location of family members as sometimes some of these can be working overseas.
    Now our experience with solicitors has been that unless you are there in the office, their explanations tend to be sketchy...I think it's a cultural thing!! If the family is wealty then there should not be a problem with financing so I would day your best bet is to email your solicitor stating the explicit facts you want to know the score on...state appoi ntment dates when you want to see him & get over there. The fact that you do not have the tapu should not preclude you from taking possession of the apartment. Good luck with it all.
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