Dealing with death of an owner


Binita Kane

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I'm new to Property Forum and would value some advice. My mother bought a flat in Spain in 2006, off plan and before the financial crash, in what overall turned out to be a bit of a disaster. She bought it jointly in her name but also in mine and that of my 2 brothers (so we all own a quarter share) which complicates things. She has a Spanish Will. She sadly died last March and we haven't yet got round to dealing with the Spanish legal aspects. Can anyone advise on the following?
1) How do we register the death in Spain?
2) Executing the will
3) Options for rental or selling (the apartment is in Corvera Golf and Country)
Any advice would be hugely appreciated.


Personally I would approach an English speaking lawyer in the area where your mother lived in Spain. They can advise you of local laws, regulations etc and ensure you get the best advice. Too many people assume the laws and reg in the UK/Spain are the same when they can be very different.


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Good advice. Too many people fall into the trap of assuming laws in Spain are the same as laws in the UK - not correct. Also, foreign nationals/expats may also be treated differently.