Damac Lotus La Res 2 + Two Year Delay

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by davidbht, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. davidbht

    davidbht New Member

    I Bought An Appartment Off Damac Last Year La Residence 2 Lotus At Business Bay.these Towers Were Scheduled For Completion Late 2009,i Have Found Out That Damac Do Not Have A Start Date
    For Lotus 2 And Have Now Offered My Money Back After 3 Months Of Questioning About The Start Date Of The Project Which They Could Not Confirm.
    This Firm Have Lie From Day One When The Salesman Told Me That The Electricity Cables Were Being Laid When I Put Down My Deposit,which Is Why I Bring This Message To Investors. I Feel Very Angry About The Lies And Lack Of Communication From Damac
  2. Rammah

    Rammah Member

    Hi David,

    I work for DAMAC in the UK.
    You mentioned a salesman lying to you. Was it a DAMAC employee or an agent?
    Also, you mentioned chasing DAMAC for information. Which department have you been calling/emailing?
    Did you buy the deal from a UK office or where exactly?


  3. davidbht

    davidbht New Member

    Lotus 2 DAMAC


  4. Rammah

    Rammah Member

    There isn't a department called "customer services" within the DAMAC organization.
    In any event, I apologize to you on behalf of the DAMAC family and whoever may have mislead you into that information. It's surely against the ethos of our company, but if a consultant have lied to you, that's surely a one off incident and not something that DAMAC would tolerate.

    From an objective point of you, the resolution [refund] that was offered to you is fair in my opinion. What would you have expected otherwise?

    Note: When/If you reply, I hope you don't put the caps lock on.


  5. davidbht

    davidbht New Member

    Lotus 2 DAMAC

    You have no idea of business or ethics.
    Your apologies mean nothing just lip service.
    Damac have not contacted any Lotus2 customers about the problems, they just expect us to wait.
    My other off plan property purchases are transparant and informative on progress on the projects.

    How can you launch Lotus 2 when the land is not ready until late 2009, your salesman told me that they were laying electricity cables in March 2007.
    AS for fair i have been offered my money back after 3 months of pushing your company for an answer when are you going to build,which you still cant answer.
    You need to keep your customers informed and be honest,as business people you have a lot to learn.

  6. Rammah

    Rammah Member

    You don't have to accept my apology. I apologise for offering it in the first place.
    You're maybe right, we have no idea of business and that's why you came to us in the first place, and that's why DAMAC group has over 10000 employees worldwide. I wasn't aware we had Bill Gates caliber of business pple -such as you davidbht- on this forum....

    Have you opted to take your money back?

    There is a saying in Arabic that translates roughly into: "if you treat a gentleman fairly, you would own his trust forever. But if you treat a spiteful person fairly, he would complain further". I rest my case.

  7. kennyhubbard

    kennyhubbard New Member


    I appreciate your loyalty towards your employer but I do have to say that david does have a point.

    I read in yesterday's Gulf News that Damac tried to cancel another project and only decided to proceed with it after 10 investors took it further......and this just a week after they cancelled something on the palm?

    You may feel that david's experience is one instance of a salesman lying to his customers but I think Damac needs to take responsibility for the crap that their representatives spew, after all, Damac is the one taking his money, not the salesman.

    I think this kind of behaviour typifies all that is wrong with the property market in Dubai today. I personally will not touch Damac with a 10 foot barge pole.
  8. Rammah

    Rammah Member

    Hi Kenny,
    I respect what you are saying, and in David's case, DAMAC have taken responsibility by offering a money back. What else can you expect them to have done?
    As for Palm Springs project, it was cancelled for a reason which is out of DAMAC's responsibility. I discussed it in another thread in the forum. Read it and feel free to respond there if you wish to debate that matter.
    Today's decision to proceed with it was a great news for me, and it wasn't due to 10 investors thinking of taking matter further. Wait for DAMAC's official press release on it, and let's leave media speculation on the side.

    I respect your personal decision not to touch DAMAC, but if you wish to help other readers, I hope you can elaborate on "why" you have taken this decision. This will give me the opportunity to defend should I find the need to do so..


  9. rahaly

    rahaly Member

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    And I have another story from Damac
    I bought with 3 friends 6 apartments in La Residence 2 Lotus last may .
    We asked many many times about the project …… with no answer at alllllll !!!!
    By calling Dubai Damac the answer was “pay your installment or you’ll pay the delay penatly 10% (I think) ”

    You will not believe that we’ve paid last installment in March 18th still no body tilling us if the project is off or not till I read this subject.
    So why they insist to take our money to return them back after years!!!!!!!!!
    We bought these apartments from Kuwait Damac (licensed branch of Damac) still the saying they don’t know anything about the project.

    So Mr. RAMMAH you will be very very kind with me (you was very helpful when I called you in London. tnx for that) please just ask them to answer me & till us If they’re going to return or money back or not & when ? beacause there branch here they asking me to talk to them direct& no body answer me there(I tried to reach Mr. Sajwani the cherman >> no used !!) :mad:

    Mention for them my apartment number BLRB/6/601 & BLRB/32/3207
    Also other 4 apartment in the same family name

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  10. Rammah

    Rammah Member

    Dear Rahaly,

    I remember we've spoken couple of month ago w
    Then you were at the airport!
    If Fanny's reply to your thread is accurate, then let me know if you'd be willing to wait until then, or if you'll be wishing to get your money back? I'll try to help you from my side.

    If you are coming to London in the near future, please get in touch [00447825107389] and we'll arrange to meet up.

    Best regards,

    Rammah Taan
  11. fws

    fws New Member

    Damac has launched 80 projects, yet handed over 2. Enough said.
  12. rahaly

    rahaly Member

    to get my mony back from Damac I'll bee more than greatful ...
    Just need to hear from them

    I'll bee in manchester next month ... if I come via London I'll meet u

    thanks n deed
  13. Rammah

    Rammah Member

    OK, I emailed you.
  14. fws

    fws New Member

    Damac u-turn on Palm Springs project
    by Amy Glass on Thursday, 10 April 2008

    Damac Properties appears poised to formally announce the reversal of its decision to axe the Palm Springs project, according to investors.

    Investors have said they stand to lose million of dirhams after the Dubai-based developer cancelled the 25-storey beachfront development last month on the Palm Jebel Ali, offering compensation below current market value.

    The saga has been widely reported in the international media, creating bad publicity for Damac in key markets it is looking to attract investment from, such as the UK.

    Investors said they received calls earlier this week from Damac informing them the Palm Springs project is to be re-instated, according to a statement on the website of a Palm Springs investors group.

    The project will be located on the new plot provided by master developer Nakheel, with some possible changes to building plans, the statement says.

    Niall McLoughlin, senior vice president of corporate communications at Damac, said in a statement emailed to ArabianBusiness.com on Thursday that the developer would shortly announce a decision on the project.

    “We have been in contact with our customers in relation to Palm Springs and will be making a formal statement in due course. As soon as I am in a position to comment, we will contact you directly,” McLoughlin said, without giving further details.

    Damac had said the cancellation of the project five years after launch was due to "redevelopment of the plots", stating that the development "cannot be situated on the re-allocated plot".

    However, this explanation was brought into question when Palm Jebel Ali master developer Nakheel said it had informed investors of changes to the masterplan over 10 months ago.

    A group of more than 60 UK-based investors are threatening to take Damac to court unless the developer reverses its decision and continues with construction.

    The group, which last month stormed the London launch of Damac's Jumeirah Village South project, has given the developer until April 11 to change its mind or face legal action.

    Damac also changed its mind about the cancellation of its Haz Tower in Business Bay on Wednesday, after investors complained about its plans to pull the project, UAE daily Gulf News reported.

    The Haz Tower was launched in July with a value of around 240 million dirhams. The tower is now worth an estimated 660 million dirhams, the newspaper said.

    Reason for axing Palm Springs questioned

    Palm Jebel Ali master developer Nakheel 'very surprised' at Damac project cancellation.

  15. rahaly

    rahaly Member

    Finaly ..... I've been called by Damac
    what they told me ??

    Just give me few days to see & finish with them :)

    ........................... evry one will know the End of this story (strange) .. just wait .. you'll know


    Rammah .. If I need your help I'll contact you .. TNX
  16. Man From Venus

    Man From Venus New Member


    La-residence i think will be delayed like Palm Springs Company will have negative publicity and will come back again saying we will build up the project.
    I think Damac Properties is having very good reputation in the market and can capture even better and more clients very soon as the companies sales force is amazingly good with the very positive attitude, just think even there are lots of things in the market and on chepaer rates and even there are lots of controversies company is doing extreamly well just because of its sales staff. i personally think this.
  17. Rammah

    Rammah Member

    Thanks for the compliment :)

    As for Lotus' delay, it has to do with the master development's handover of Business Bay section 2 which has been delayed! I heard it's a 2 years delay from a usually reliable source, but that's not official until it's officially announced!

  18. Man From Venus

    Man From Venus New Member

    Is Damac in a habbit of launching a project and then cancelling them, or there are actually some situtations which genuinely the company faces, or its just an advertisement technique, as it is happeing these days after the reinstate of palm jebel ali project every one is asking about damac even a normal person who has nothing to do woth the properties knows damac these days because of this.
  19. Fran

    Fran New Member

    Construction delays can erode deveopers' credibility in the long run

    Delays and unmet schedules have become the phenomenal at most of the Middle East construction projects and sites. The delays have left the market with frustrated clients and contractors facing money losing situations.
    Feasibility studies for these projects, based on certain periods and schedules to be achieved, have turned out to be unreliable.The right solutions must be found to overcome the uneasy situation that have started to be a feature of all the construction sites.

    It is important to highlight the causes of these inevitable construction delays and the appropriate actions. The design process of any project plays a major role and many times the factor causing delays can be rectified at this stage itself.

    When designers do not fully incorporate a client’s requirements or introduce new market trends, it proves a major factor for delays at many of the projects across the region because of the need for reworking. Smart systems can be one example.

    Another reason could be the requirement from the facilities management company. Some clients recognize this issue and start to award design-built-operate and maintain contracts. A well-studied and designed project which fully meets the clients’ and the authorities’ requirements stands better chance to avoid such delays.

    This stems from not needing to redesign due to unfulfilled requirements from the authorities or even time-consuming technical problems that could crop up later in the engineering stage of the project. Too many provisional sums force construction sites to receive contractors in the latter phases of the project.

    This could increase mistakes due to a lack of co-ordination and unplanned jobs. Minimizing the provisional sums tracts in the tendering phase will save many delays. Many sites suffer due to an inability and lack of resources to award contractors.

    Careful attention and accurate evaluation for the bidders and awarding the job to the right contractor can avoid the delays. One should remember that unrealistic construction schedules and milestones will be hard to stick by.
    They also leave the contractors struggling and desperately trying to get an extension of the time claims, the target programs, and going for 24x7 working hours by doubling or tripling the manpower to catch up.

    Once an accurate program is in place with the right duration and workforce allocations, strict implementation and adherence will push the project on the right track. All delays shall be monitored on weekly basis, stating the reasons, and the responsible party taking corrective actions.

    Getting the approval from the concerned authorities – municipality, civil defense, water and electricity – in the design and executive phases could be a time-consuming task. Nobody can estimate exactly how long it will take for approvals and permits.

    Delayed milestones such as sourcing the power or the cold water delivery from the district cooling company would hinder the whole project. So the earlier the contractors start, the better are their chances.
    A dated action plan for all approvals should be prepared, and controlled and monitored carefully to ensure the utilities deliver to the project at the right time.

    Addressing the labor issue

    Many workers have no formal training or permit to execute their specific job, which not only means that the projects take longer, but also leads to an increase in on-site accidents. Worker conditions are generally bad.

    The workers’ protests in Dubai may trigger labor initiatives all over the region for better salaries and accommodation. Low productivity and quality is the result of an unskilled and unsatisfied workforce on construction sites.

    Training, better salaries and better accommodation for workers can help finish projects on time with a reasonable quality.

    Low safety standards lead to injuries and fire accidents on sites, which in turn lead to further delays as well as loss of credibility for the contractor. Therefore, it is important to rise awareness about safety measures.

    The logistic on-site and material storage spaces should be addressed in the beginning phases itself, especially in tower developments with no available space around.

    The mobilization and demobilization the temporary power options will also save many working days.

    Material supply

    A shortage in the supply of materials, increase in steel and cement prices and the Gulf currencies’ connection to a declining dollar have been the other factors impacting on project time lines. Suppliers are overwhelmed by the demand and the delivery schedules and often fail to meet the client’s expectations.

    The long lead item arrival dates should be monitored carefully to ensure material arrival schedules match the construction programs. A good idea is to plan ahead for material shortage possibility and to have alternative suppliers on standby for the critical long lead items.

    The coming of new legislation may force the market scenarios to change. For example, projects may face a re-design situation to be in sync with the green standards that are to be enforced in Dubai soon.

    Discussions about the five-day week laws are ongoing, and all are worried about more delays if this is applied.

    Every aspect of construction project can lead to a delay in case is it not well planned.
  20. albog

    albog New Member

    It's certainly going to be more than 2 years delayed. No way this will be completed by 2011.
    It seems people really underestimate how long it takes to build buildings like this, you usually need at least 4 years providing everything goes as planned for a project this size to get done.
    Also there's some united nations office in the way of this so won't get started until they're relocated

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