Damac-Even a circus is more organised

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I have received many private messages wanting to know my experiance with Damac,
It takes five weeks getting a appointment for a resale that is if your call is answered,
no one ever returns there messages,
No e-mails were answered on what documents to bring,
transfer values etc,
This morning we get to there offices, expecting something spectacular (being Damac) we get to an old building with 30 floors 2 lifts per 15 floors,
After 15 mins we take a lift to the 21st floor, where a group of people are arguing with the receptionist demanding to see the manager(something of a investment of AED38million and delays in the project and there calls not being return from there home country)
We were ask to step into one of there rooms to await our transfer consultant
The lady asks for our passports and the old documents and informs us that these documents need to be attested by a lawyer for AED750 and the lawyers upstairs are fully booked god only knows why we were not informed about this 5 weeks ago) and we need to find our own lawyer.
After this we were told that only AED20000 of the transfer fees they will accept and the remainder she has no idea,
We ask her to scan and mail some documents for the transfer and yet again the scanners are all broken.
We were than directed to the 5th floor and after two lifts and 20 mins later a gentleman explains that they no more accept cash and the money needs to be deposited at a bank at the Karama branch,

Thats where we are so far,
I was suppose to purchase a second pre-launch property today from Damac but no one new where the sales office is,

Looks like Damac over extends themselves on marketing and Freebies but have a weak or no aftersales department.

My advise so far to them:
Return your messages,
Dont lie to customers.
Move to a better building
Create that wow effect all the time because both the seller and buyer are future customers.
Have your own lawyer at no cost for customers.
Have a bulk teller to collect transfer fees and inform staff where is the sales centre.

Will update on the progress


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Hello Safrica,

I read your experiences with DAMAC with interest and am really not surprised with what you say. I myself have experienced very bad customer service from DAMAC ie endless project delays, if you send an e mail to their customer service staff in Dubai asking something, you get a reply from someone else. You then have to go through your whole query with another person. You never have dealings with one person. Quite frankly DAMAC have a LOT to learn about customer service and I am not impressed with them at all. I am about to take possession of my apartment at Lake View this summer (although I dont hold much hope of a definite date),so I am really dreading going through what you describe. I certainly wont be buying any more properties from DAMAC ever.

p.s: you might want to look at my e mail posted last month.

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