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Cyprus Property Investments

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by TonyBrent, May 16, 2007.

  1. TonyBrent

    TonyBrent New Member


    I would like to share my success of a Cyprus property investment through an exceptional company.

    I purchase a property only 1 year ago through a company called Superior UK. Their expert advice on which development and areas has made me a lot of money when i only invested a limited amount of capital. Some of the investments that i have invested in have ranged from 100% - 250% ROI within 1 year.

    Superior offered us properties literally anywhere in Cyprus at least 20% under market value, with payment and mortgage terms that i could not get matched by any other company.

    The company also charges NO fees, yes no fees. They did everything for us including setting up bank accounts, put us in touch with lawyers, sorted out the mortgages (which i must add no other company could match the terms), accountants, management companies, furnishing, absolutely everything, and all i had to do was fill in a few forms. The company did not even charge us a brokerage or property finders fee.

    I would like everyone to know the level of expertise and unique services the company offers.

    Happy Investing...

    Tony Brent
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  2. charis

    charis New Member

    No one works for free

    Superior is one of the biggest real estate agency here in Cyprus, I know a few persons that work there. But guys, no one works for free. They all work for a comission 3-5%, most of them right now charge developers 5%. I'm 100% sure that all profit you make is because we experienced huge price increases in the last 3-4 years.

    The best case is that you bought your property in the regular price. Do not expect an agent to offer you a property cheaper. But if the guys have done everything for you ( bank accounts, lawyers etc) then it should be appreciated of course. Of course it's part of their job since they are making money, but at the end what is count is to find a reliable agency that can do all the job for you.
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