Cutting off expenses with the property management



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Hi! Everybody knows a garden a pool give a monthly fixed expense that runs the people´s accounts ( because it is an expense that generates no return ).

Well, we have an idea, call your gardener <snip> and tell him to offer you a project design for changing your regular garden in to an organic garden.

The end of the day you will end up picking your own vegetables and green food in a few time, that will make you save money with the supermarket but also with the irrigation system ( watering the lawn which is there no more, at list the way it was ).

For that it is a simple way cutting squares or circles, rectangles, whatsoever and plant all sort of products ( onions, potatoes, tomatoes, etc ).

Remember to leave the witdth of the lawn cutter by the sides and it will look perfect!

Of course it will maybe require deep or soft changes in the irrigation system, but that is nothing to compare with the advantages of being healty, make savings, helon the environment, maintain someone´s job!

And if you have a bit of land you maybe can produce some more and sell in the marketplace, it is very easy to get license for seling in there!

Get some more income, swap green products with your neighbours, prepare yourself for the near future, who knows if what they say is not true?

Tip number one:

Remember to plant aromatic and medicinal herbs / plants previously because this will help you get rid of parasites and plagues later on! Buy some helpers ( ladybuggs, etc )<snip>

All the best!
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