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Hi All,

The next VERY important thing (after being ready to buy/invest) is :

For your own sake, please remember - as soon as you know you're going to buy abroad, contact currency exchange company so that you can, at the very least, know your options on saving money with your currency exchange and transfer needs.

If you open an account with currency company, (usually at no cost but most of them charge you),it will be easier for you to send money abroad to pay for property purchases at any time in the future, and you are under no obligation to use them.


Recommendation from Overseas Guides Company:

SMART CURRENCY EXCHANGE will also transfer your monthly pension abroad at a FAR better rate than any high street bank...

Smart is the only currency exchange company that works exclusively with overseas property buyers

Get your free currency report at

Smart Currency Exchange : Smart Free Report

This is what they do:

• Save you money. On £100,000 exchange, Smart can save you up to £4,000 by providing better rates compared to your high street bank!

• Charge No Fees/No Commission/No Hidden Charges

• Help you to eliminate overseas bank receiving charges

• Make money exchange and transfers fast and easy - All transfers are sent out with 24 hours of receiving funds

• Reduce the risk of your property price INCREASING due to adverse currency fluctuations. You can reserve money at today's rate and then purchase it later having the peace of mind that your property price has remained the same.

It is only up to you if you are interested to open your options.

If you are not, then please do not critisise promotion of something, which I believe is more than useful and more to the point

it saves you money!

Think SMART!


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