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oregon woodsmoke

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I am actually surprised. I seriously thought Fidel Castro would out-live me, and out-live my grandchildren, and still have a tight hold on the reins at the next turn of the century.

I am not seeing any big changes immediately, but I am watching.

If Cuba is ever opened up for American investors to buy and hold private title to land in Cuba, there is going to be a free-for all.

There is so much pent up demand, and Cuba was always the number 1 favorite island vacation spot for America.

When it happens, it is going to look like the after Christmas bargain basement sales at Macy's Department Store, with pushing and shoving, and toes getting stomped on.

I am thinking probably not until after Fidel dies. But when it happens, I am ready to jump in.


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100% agree but will be a few years before it happens as old guard all need to die off.


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The experience of ex communist regimes in Europe revealed complexities with title deeds. The practice of inter - generational multi party deeds became widespread. I heard of cases were hundreds of people were on 1 deed!


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are there generally no possibilities for foreigners to buy property in Cuba or only for US-Americans?
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