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Craiglist or similar ???

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by T3NAX, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. T3NAX

    T3NAX New Member


    Do you know some worlwide classified ads website like Craiglist ?

    Something similar I mean...


  2. trix

    trix New Member

    Hi Marco

    I don't know anyone I am knew finding my way through interesting information. Do you or anyone else know about Jameirah Village South - what's your view about the frankfurt tower development?

    regards trix
  3. jvmills

    jvmills New Member

    Yep there is a sit every similar to craigslist called gumtree. I cant place links as yet due to forum restrictions, but google it and you'll find it ok.

  4. T3NAX

    T3NAX New Member

    i looked at seems to be in great britain countries only
  5. jvmills

    jvmills New Member

    They do have international sections such as Poland, Australia, SA. But yep, I guess it isn't as comprehensive as Craigslist. Still for those areas it covers, it does a similar job to Craigslist.

    Did you have a specific area you wanted to target?
  6. jessicatam

    jessicatam New Member

    As a UK person, I find Gumtree pretty useful.

    I don't like Craigslist much - they seem hyper-sensitive to spam, to the extent of deleting honest, legitimate posts, and I've found that as a normal 'non business' user it's full of time wasters and trolls. Maybe I've just been unlucky.

    Have you tried looking in free papers for the region you're targetting? There may be small sites specially for each region, that get a higher quality of visitor than Craigslist.
  7. renterstoolkit

    renterstoolkit New Member

    I confirm, for Rentals in UK, Gumtree is THE website to use.
  8. bigp

    bigp New Member

    Backpage is probably the second most popular one in the US.
  9. Prop-erty

    Prop-erty New Member

    Any others? We have a new service that we need to advertise. But we are in three countries. Is there anything international?
  10. Kenjiya

    Kenjiya New Member

    Hello there. I'm just a new member and would like to share some ideas.

    Personally I don't like Craigslist that much. Sometimes people get confused which are legitimate posts and which are not. Backpage is good, and is used by one of my clients.

    If you are focused on a particular country, I suggest you do an online search for available online classifieds for that particular country. They may have popular online classifieds that people go to. For example, in the Philippines, they have several online classifieds like Sulit and 88DB which feature several postings on real estate.

    Thanks for letting me share!
  11. Logan5

    Logan5 New Member

    Similar to Craiglist


    There is a new online classifieds site similar to craiglist. It's called AdPyro. com It's a free service. They just got out of beta and went international.

    Check them out. :D
  12. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

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