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I thought i would giving the forum readers an insight to areas in Panama.

Instead of starting from the Old I though i would start with the New.

Costa Del Este.

Costa del Este is a newer area of Panama, located just east of the center of Panama City. Costa del Este is home to several new, planned Residential Communities and high rise buildings, commercial shopping plazas, convenience stores, banks, schools, parks, direct access to major highways, office areas and an industrial park. Also, there are plans for the construction of at least two supermarkets.
It is a popular and convenient area due to its many amenities, ocean views, and proximity to the center of Panama City and the Tocumen International Airport through the Southern Corridor.

The idea for the project began in the year 1993, when a group of investors bought a land of 300 hectares in size, in the heart of Panama City. The land had been unavailable since part of it was being used as a garbage dump for the city for many years.

The process of cleaning the affected area began with the scientific relocation of the garbage to a stuffed hermetic toilet, which allowed for a park to be built on top of it. The next step was to canalize the Matias Hernandez River to increase its volume and prevent floods. Three years later, the Felipe E. Motta Park was completed.

The first stage of the project was the development of the Costa del Este Commercial Park, an area of over 22 hectares protected by a wall of 16 feet of height, as well as a control access. There are currently more than 20 companies with big warehouses and offices available in this area.

Residencial Costa Bella was the first residential project in Costa del Este. The construction began in 1996 and it was considered the first project in Panama to offer an attractive American style project, providing more than 110 houses with competitive prices, on an apple protected by a wall, a beautiful central park and control access. The project was sold in its entirety. At the moment, there are several independent promoters that have bought parcels of land for the construction of homes and buildings.

Costa del Este provides every type of urbanized lands available for sale. The project used more than 20 million cubical yards of filling. It is currently the biggest and most ambitious project in Panama.

There are now numerous High Rise tower being constructed and complted in the area Soho Tower, LaCosta Tower, Latitude Tower, Ocean 2 are to name a few. The local infrastucture is alo arriving the Panama Power Club Gym has a facility here.

Costa Del Este is an option for those looking for a clean safe enviroment close to the city yet far enough out to feel like your getting away. I suppose you could call it the High Rise Suberbs.


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Investments in Panama

We just sold out in Playa Burica. Great place. Panama is the next hot spot; maybe already THE hot spot.:p