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coral beach

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by brazilnut, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. brazilnut

    brazilnut New Member

    Good morning everyone, Im new to this forum and dont know my way around so maybe someone can help me. I was looking at a website from a co. called venturis international recently who seemed to have some quite interesting developements in Brazil. I tried to get their website this past week and keep getting this which I have copied

    rDie angegebene Seite konnte nicht gefunden werden

    Im afraid I do not understand German but does this mean their website no longer exists. any information is welcome. Thanks brazilnut
  2. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    The website of the name given can not be found

    Aka the website isn't working at the moment - might be temporary, might be permanent, not sure.
  3. toupeira

    toupeira New Member

    Hi brazilnut, I noticed also that there website had gone I have been very interested in this company in the past I will let you know if I come up with anything Regds T
  4. grabarz

    grabarz New Member

    check the cache of the website, cache: URL . I've checked it, and on 1st July, the webiste seemed to be working.
  5. brazilnut

    brazilnut New Member

    thanks grabarz, just rechecked and website is under reconstruction and it states keep checking for exciting new updates so I will Regds brazilnut
  6. Raimundo

    Raimundo Guest

  7. brazilnut

    brazilnut New Member

    Hi Raimundo I think I understand your message have noticed not a lot of information available on the people running the "Coral Beach" operation. Regds brazilnut
  8. sarah nash

    sarah nash New Member

  9. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Those seem to be working fine - might just be a glitch with the normal site.
  10. cjservices

    cjservices New Member

    Does anyone have any info on uv10 - Brazilian real estate specialists?
    Any info gratefully received
    Chris and John
  11. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    I'm sure Robh can give you some pointers ;D

    I've never met Rob (we are both huge slackers in the social regard obviously because we work close to each other and have yet to meet up for a coffee - either I end up having to cancel or he does)

    Having said that, while doing research for the agency I work for, I have met a lot of people who know Rob and they only have good things to say about him, mostly developers and other agencies in Brazil. Normally developers aren't too flattering about other agencies but the general consensus was that "he knows what he's talking about" - UV10 are a Pipa specialist I believe - (Southern part of the state of Rio Grande do Norte)
  12. toupeira

    toupeira New Member

    Hi JM I have tried the websites for Venturis and it may be my computer but I am getting strange images as if the wb site is still under construction and no body has yet answered my question as to why Venturis`s testimonial claim that people have visited sites yet when you click on this site for instance Italy its coming soon. Bewildered T
  13. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Thanks for the compliment John, the coffee is on me when we finally do meet :).

    cjservices, I nor anyone else at uv10 has ever been to Coral Beach (I have been to Flexeiros though), looked at it on paper, let alone sold it so I am not sure why you posted your question in this thread? Other than that if you have any questions just ask me.
  14. Simon Eaton

    Simon Eaton New Member

    Coral Beach Brazil

    I first bought on Coral Beach some months ago.

    I have been actively investing in Brazil as I have a lot of faith in the market.

    As some already kno on here I work with some major investments and am in the "investment market". So be it not real estate, I understand the logics of growth in any concept.

    I have been to Flexeiras, i have been to Coral Beach now, and the site is beautiful.

    It is a large piece of land on the ocean front, with a huge lagoon at the rear.

    The project is more like a city, and the project has only been tested on the market.

    This is why we have seen real black holes of information. Since my purchase I have seen substantiated growth, and I believe I have paid less, a long with other Coral Beach purchasers, for a better project per m2, than any other development worth mentioning in Brazil.

    I have seen a massive development in marketing material and am informed that the final materials are being finalised before the 5th september.

    Apx a week after this the project will be launched. I bought into a project in Dubai in a similar way, a floor pre launch, a year later... yesterday, the project was released, I have made 100% and the buyers bought at the show, as individual units.

    The development has now confirmed villa styles, has several sub developments launched in apx 4 or 5 weeks to show the value of the villas on the development.

    It is a very exciting project, and although I dont expect an immediate sell out I do see a very good way of bringing the project to market, which will increase my property value. If you want to make money, buy soon as I expect pretty sharp price increase.

    There is also a video being released on the 5th September which will show the full development and accessibility including a tour of the site and the properties and amenities.

    I see here posts of people confused by what they have seen, but the realism is that it is the development that is the value.

    Venturis International Redirect

    I suggest you review this site.

    Any further information PM me as I am very rarely online here.

    All the best...
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