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Cool Tools, Mortgage Calculator, RE Document, Neighborhood Comps

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by bobbristow, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. bobbristow

    bobbristow New Member

    I just wanted to share some free tools with everybody. I use a website for some of my investment properties at If you sign up for the free members section you get to use a variety of cool tools, so far they have a Mortgage Calculator, Real Estate Documents, and my favorite, the Neighborhood Comps tool. I don’t know if that works for overseas properties, but it works great for my US investment property.

    Hope some of you find the tools helpful!
  2. question

    question New Member

    Check out this RE software by Parcus Group - for only US$24 you get full suite including budgeting, financial planing, RE & shares analysis, life insurance etc..
    Just search for Parcus Group on Google.
  3. bobbristow

    bobbristow New Member

    Cool, thanks. I will check it out!
  4. orlandorealtor

    orlandorealtor New Member

    I am currently using the mortgage calulators by ARSIDIAN LLC. The calculators have worked well for me and are easy to incorporate into your website if you like.
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